Nails #11

For this mani, I wanted to do something that was half and half (2 different colors) on each nail.

First, I used Wet n Wild’s: Putting on Airs on all my nails. I had few issues with this polish, it didn’t want to dry very good and it seemed to be a little thicker than normal.

Next, I grabbed some nail tape and cut 10 strips. I placed them all diagonally across nails, like splitting the nail in half. I took Nicole by OPI’s: Rich in Spirit and painted the top portion of the halves on my nails.

Once I removed all the nail tape, I noticed that the lines weren’t straight. I pulled out my KISS Nail Art Paint striper in Silver and painted were the two colors came together.


I think this mani turned out pretty good. The OPI color was a little sheer against the Wet n Wild color but it still looked okay.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Nails #10

For my 4th of July nails I had used glitter on every nail and I loved how it looked so I did it again with just one base color.

I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri’s In Prompt Blue on all my nails. I really love this polish and I’ve been buying more colors in this brand. It seems to be long lasting and dries within a few minutes. I love this blue too!

To add some pow to it, I used Wet n Wild’s Kaleidoscope again, on all of my nails.This glitter polish does go on quite thick but it doesn’t take long to dry. I love how this looks and I wore this mani for like a week.


Chat later!

  • Liz

A New Hobby!

I decided to try out a new hobby of making necklaces. I’m starting out easy and then I’m hoping to make must-strand ones with different lengths etc.

I wanted to share a few necklaces that I’ve made in the past few weeks and months. I get all my supplies from craft stores near me.

3 Strand Necklaces: I’ve made 5 of these with a variety of different colors as you can see. They are pretty easy to make like I said before. I normally turn on a tv show and sit and string beads for 2 hours or more. I normally end up buying 2-3 different colors to pair together to make a necklace. I end up half the container..not sure exactly how many beads exactly or the ounces.

4 Strand Necklace: This is the only one of made with 4 strands to me I prefer an odd number for necklaces, not sure why. I had extra turquoise but not enough to make a 5 strand so I ended up with 4!


I just wanted to share my new hobby with you all and hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of my recent work.

Have a great day!

  • Liz

Oriental Lilies & Black Eyed Susans

I just wanted to brighten everyones day by sharing a few photos of some flowers that popped up in my garden this summer!

About 2 years ago, I bought some Oriental Lilies and once they died, I thought I’m going to try and transplant them into my flower garden. Sure enough, they have been coming up ever since. They were so bright and beautiful this year, I had to share! I’m not positive on what kind they are exactly so that’s why I’m saying Oriental.

Lastly, every year in my flower garden I have tons of Black Eyed Susans come up and this year they came up every where, even in the middle of the yard. They are just bright and simple. To me, they even remind me a little of sunflowers.

I hope I was able to brighten your day a little. Chat later!

  • Liz

4th of July Nails – Nails #9

I’m sorry I didn’t get around to do a few different nail designs for the 4th of July but I’ve had a lot going on in life! I still wanted to share what I wore on my nails though. 

To start off, I took Essie’s Watermelon and painted my thumbs and pinky fingers, this is my favorite shade of red! It applies really well within 2 coats. Next I took Sinful Colors Endless Blue and painted my index and ring fingers. The only issue I have with this color is it has a very potent smell that I believe is stronger than the others in the brand. I normally don’t like the use white for a base but I’m trying to more used to it. I took Wet n Wild’s White French Creme and painted both middle fingers. Last but not least I used Wet n Wild’s Kaleidoscope on all my fingers to give some ka-bang, haha.


As you can tell I didn’t do much of any designs just wanted to keep it simple but festive. Chat later!


Nails #8

I’m trying to work on getting onto a schedule for posting but for now please work with my random postings! Thank you! 

I wanted to do a similar nail look to one I did a few weeks ago but with more neutral colors.

To begin, I used Essie’s Smoking Hot on my thumb, index and pinky fingers. Next, I used Wet n Wild’s French White Creme on my middle and ring fingers. I really wanted to do polka dots & incoperate glitter in some way. I used Essie’s No Place Like Chrome & Good as Gold for the dots. I did polka dots on my index & middle finger and left the ring finger for the glitter. Lastly, I used Wet n Wild’s Kaleidoscope on my ring fingers. I think all of colors tie in together well.



Hope you all enjoy this post & chat later!


Base Coats & Top Coats

Hello guys! I thought today I would share what base coats I use along with what top coats. I’m looking for others to try because some of my are just not working for me. 

Bottom Line by Pure Ice: I used to you this base coat for years, I just recently broke it back out to give it another go around. For me, it does the job and dries fast so I can move on. I haven’t had any issues with it yet. It is a cheaper one ranges around $1.99 in US dollars.

Strong Adhesion Base Coat by China Glaze: I love this one! It dries fast & smooth. It is a pricer one that ranges around $9 US dollars.

Seche Clear: I love this one as well but haven’t repurchased it lately. It dries fast and smooth as well but for me it doesn’t last as long. I feel like it’s because the brush is shorter than others so you can’t get to the bottom. This one ranges around $8 US dollars.

Millionails by Essie: This is a treatment base coat. I’m 50/50 on this one because there’s a few things I love but then a few dislikes about it. It dries fast but my tends to have bumps once it dries. It doesn’t make my polish go on smooth afterward which is a downside. It’s really good treatment in my makes my nails look good just plain but I love color. Price ranges around $8 US dollars.

Glitter Off by OPI: I’m so glad I ended up ordering this off amazon! I used to hate wearing glitter polish because getting it off was a pain but with this it’s easier. All I do is apply one coat and then put my polish on. Once I want the polish off, I just pick at it a little bit and you can pull it off. Price ranges around $7 US dollars.

Now onto the top coats.

Double Duty by Sally Hansen: This is a base coat & top coat and it does both great! It dries smooth and fast. It is also a cheaper polish ranging around $4 US dollars.

Speed Dry by Nutra Nail: This is my go-to top coat. It dries really fast and the bottle seems to last a while! The plus is that it has green tea antioxidants in it as well so it makes your nails stronger too. Price ranges around $4 US dollars.

Fast Forward Top Coat by China Glaze: I’ve used this up pretty much and I want to repurchese but yet I’m unsure. It seemed to go fast for me but when the polish dried it had air bubbles along with clumps of top coat..not the prettiest thing. I may give it other go though because it dried my nails fast. Price ranges $9 US dollars.

Seche Vite: This by far is one of the best top coat in my opinion. It dried my nails fast with a smooth finish. My only dislike with it is that you can’t use all the product up because the brush is short. Price ranges around $8 US dollars.

OutTheDoor by inm: I love this top coat as well. It dried fast and left my nails smooth. It seems to last a while as well. I’m having trouble finding where to repurchase it but I haven’t checked amazon, have too! Price ranges around $5 US dollars.

Quick Dry Top Coat by Nicole by OPI: I really want to love this top coat but I just can’t. It goes on smooth but it will never dry for me. I can sit for 15 minutes and still it won’t be dry. Price ranges around $9 US dollars.

Girl On The Run by Pure Ice: This top coat I am 50/50 on. With some polishes it has no problem drying but with some won’t dry. It also tends to leave bubbles with some polishes as well. I won’t give up on it though. Price ranges around $1.99 US dollars.

No Chips Ahead by Essie: I can’t seem to like this one either. It never dries my polish and when it decides does end up chipping. Price ranges around $8 US dollars.

What are some of your favorite base coats or top coats? I’m looking for some others to try! Comment them below.

Chat later!

  • Liz