Week 9: Rainbow Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! I’m back for this weeks #31DC2017Weekly manicure challenge..this week the theme is Rainbow nails. I normally don’t do rainbows..I tend to use a lot of colors but never rainbow themed. I was inspired this week by a manicure I did years ago when I was first adventuring into nail art. It turned out a really well for not having a lot of experience with dotting tools or nail stripers. I did a cupcake manicure..here’s the picture.

IMG_3013 2

So for this weeks manicure I decided to do pink nails with colorful polka-dots. I used Pink Velvet by Sinful Colors for my base color..it’s just a pretty medium pink with texture. The downsize for this polish was it chipped easily. For the polka dots, I used Purple POP! by Salon Perfect, YOLO Yellow, Mint Chip, and Candy Heart all by Sinful Colors. 


Sorry for the picture quality..camera is not great! 

I love this manicure and it definitely speaks rainbow to me! What’s your thoughts?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Week 8: Metallic Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! This weeks manicure theme for the #31DC2017Weekly manicure challenger is metallic nails! I’m still out of my groove a little and couldn’t think of anything to do..so I went simple & easy..just like last week.

I recently bought the color Taupe is Dope by Sinful Colors and I’ve been dying to use it..it’s a brown, plumy, gray color..very fall like. I thought it would go great with bronze for the metallic portion of the manicure. I used Nicole by OPI’s It Starts With Me. It’s a very shimmer shiny bronze.

I just applied taupe is dope to my thumb, index, and pinky nails..and then applied it starts with me to my middle & ring nails..then I used my dotting tools to do dots down the middle of a few nails.


It was that simple..hopefully next week’s will be more fun.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Week 7: Black & White Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hi guys! I’m back with another weekly manicure for the #31DC2017Weekly, manicure challenge. This weeks theme was black and white nails. I had to bounce around for ideas..I’m not one that likes to wear just black and white. I wasn’t in the creative mood either, so I went simple.

I decided to use yellow as a base color..yes I said yellow! I’m slowly trying to warm up to the color. I recently found this color called YOLO Yellow by Sinful Colors and I actually like it. It’s not too golden and not too pale for me.

For the black & white, I just took a black and a white nail striper and made vertical lines on my middle nails & chevron lines on my ring nails.

I just wasn’t together for this weeks manicure..gotta get back into my groove.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Mini Nail Polish Haul…

Hi guys! I picked up a couple new polishes I saw and something I’ve been searching for, forever and I thought I’d share them with you.

The item I’m really happy I finally found is a latex tape that you can apply around your cuticles when your doing water-marbling or stamping which is something I hope to try soon. The one I found is by Pueen..it claims that it’s mess free latex tape. You can brush it on, apply your polish, and peel it away! I’m so happy to have finally found it..I purchased my at Walmart for around $5 I believe.

I grabbed 2 Sinful Colors polishes…first is YOLO Yellow. I’ve never really worn yellow nails..it just that color that doesn’t speak to me or look great in my opinion. For some reason this color stuck out to me. It’s not too bright or too pale, I think it will work for me and my skin-tone. The other color I grabbed was Taupe is Dope! The color is interesting, it’s a light brown but has sorta a gray plum tone. It called to me. I think it will be a great fall color but I’m definitely going to try it sooner than that.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Week 5 – Blue Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! I’m back with another #31DC2017Weekly manicure, this week’s prompt was Blue Nails. Yes, I am still a few weeks behind but I’m still having fun coming up with ideas.

This time I decided to try my take on galaxy nails..I didn’t have a cosmetic wedge on hand to sponge it so I did my best with just the brush. I used a ton of polishes so hopefully you don’t get confused.

I started off with using Sinful Colors Deep End as a base color for all my nails but middle & ring nails. For those I used Wet n Wild French White Creme.

Next I used Blueberry Hot Rod by SC, to give a glitter effect on all nails but middle & ring nails. That’s all I did for those nails.

I used Cold Leather, Ice Blue, Blueberry Hot Rod, Deep End (by Sinful Colors), all to make the galaxy look. I just filled in over the white..didn’t really a have pattern really. Lastly, I took Hottie which is a glitter coat with a blue tint and went over both nails.

I think my attempt went really well! Sorry for the picture quality on the first photo.

I loved how it turned out. What’s your thoughts?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Sinful Colors Neon Polishes

Hey guys! Today’s post I’m sharing a few of the neon polishes I picked up at my local Meijer’s. I just can’t keep my eyes off new collections!

One thing I’m going to say before I get into the colors I bought is, make sure you buy the Illuminating polish called ‘White On Time’! I didn’t buy first and I tried one of the polishes and it was not neon…then I figured out you needed this. It’s just a plain white to me so maybe just any regular white polish would work but I haven’t tried that yet. This does apply pretty thick so you want to make sure you wipe your brush off a few times before applying.


First color I bought was ‘Out In Space’. This color caught me right away. I used to have a bright neon yellow but I ended up throwing it out. This is so bright and fluorescent. I just shared a post of a manicure using it..you can check it out here. These polishes are more of a jelly type constancy..so they aren’t very opaque so you definitely need the base polish.  I really love how this looks though.

Second color I grabbed was ‘Diamond Blogs’. They were a 2 other pinks besides this one I believe but I liked the darker tone that this one has. I haven’t tried this yet but I think it will have the same constancy and opaque-ness that the yellow had. The bottles have a plastic wrapping around them so you can’t see the true color on the outside but from the brush I can tell it has some fluorescent to it.

Last color I picked up was ‘Jean Queen’. I always have to grab at least a blue or green from a new collection..so this was it. It looks like a shade of cyan blue in the bottle. Just like the others..it’s a jelly constancy so you won’t know the true color until you use the white base.

Overall, since I used the yellow polish I have high hopes that the pink & blue have a bright, vibrant neon look to them! I will inform you all when I use them.

Have you picked any up? Chat later!

  • Liz

Week 4 – Green Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! I’m back with another manicure for the #31DC2017Weekly challenge. This week the prompt was green nails..yes I’m posting twice for the challenge this week because I am behind. IMG_0381

I didn’t want to go crazy this week just wanted something easy. I started off by painting my nails using Sinful Colors Mint Chip..I adore this polish! It is matte but I applied a shine top coat.

For the nail art, I used Sinful Colors Silhouette and swiped it once down my middle & rings nails. It’s a pretty light lavender with shimmer. Last but not least, I took a white nail striper, outlined the purple and then made a zig-zag!

I think this looks cute! Not too much and not too less.

What’s your thoughts? Chat later!

  • Liz