Nails#43 – Sally Hansen Insta-Dri & Sinful Colors

Hi guys! I’m back with another nail look that I was rocking. I decided to do something that I haven’t done in the past or for a long time. img_0628

I started off using Mint Sprint by Sally Hansen, on my thumbs & half of my ring fingers. This is an aqua yet kind of teal color..very cute but I hate removing it.

Next, I used Lounge Lover by Essie, on half of my index fingers & pinkies. This is a coral-pink color..pretty for summer.

For my middle fingers & other halves of my nails..I used After Dark by Sinful Colors from the Kylie Jenner collection. This is a textured dark gray polish.

Lastly, to finish it off..I used a dotting tool and placed an aqua & pink dot on my middle nail.

I love how this mani turned be honest I was surprised that I did the half’s well.

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Book Review – Paper Towns by John Green

Hey guys! Time for another book review..I’ve been whipping through books which is such a surprise to me. I’m just so into reading lately and I’m getting hooked into books quickly. Today I’m going to share my opinion on Paper Towns by John Greenimg_0640

I’ve had this book in my possession for so long but I never fully read it. I started it a few times and then just ditched it back on my shelf. I watched the movie about a year ago and I finally told myself I’m going to have to get around and read it. Surprisedly, I got hooked pretty quick this time!

It has a few characters in it, Quentin Jacobsen..he’s been trying to figure out a girl for some time..Ben Starling..also known as bloody ben, one of Quentin’s friends..Radar..another friend..Margo Roth Spiegelman..girl who Quentin wonders about..and Lacey..Margo’s best friend.

It all starts off one night when Margo who lives across the street from Quentin, climbs up to his window and needs him to drive her around so she can do some things. She caught her boyfriend cheating, if I remember right and she wanted to get back at him but didn’t tell Quentin that.

They end up spending the whole night out, Spray painting M’s on people’s cars, Leaving dead fish in cars, Sneaking into people’s houses..going into a bank and looking at the skyline and then breaking into Seaworld.

The next morning, Quentin woke up and went to school and noticed Margo’s car was not there..she wasn’t there for a week. One morning, he woke up went downstairs and found his parents talking to her parents along with a detective. Margo had runaway, this wasn’t the first time but her parents were tried of her running off. No-one had a clue where she went but Quentin wanted to find her..she always left clues too.

One day, Quentin noticed that her window shade was down and normally it wasn’t..there was also a poster hanging on it. He knew that was a clue. From then on he and his friends kept searching for clue after clue. Quentin even read books over and over again to get clues from it.

They ended up narrowing down that she was in a paper town. They went to many different locations of where she had once stopped but turned up short each time but each place had clues that helped them lead them to her.

They did it up finding her. She was okay.

That’s where I’m going to leave it at, I hate giving too many details but I want to give enough.

This was a great book but like I said it took me a few tries to finally get into it.

Have any book recommendations? Comment below!

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Nail Polish Haul – Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Collaboration

Hey guys! I finally was able to get my hands on some polishes from the Kandee Johnson line that Sinful Colors came out exciting. I found them at my local Meijer on clearance for .99 cents..such a deal! I’m guessing that your not going to be able to find many more so if you find them grab them. I saw on the website that there’s 2 different collections, Vintage Inspired & Urban Glam..7 in one and 12 in the other. I got 6 out of 7 in the first collection. Let’s go!


Candy Hearts – This color reminds me so much of blue cotton candy. It’s a plain pastel light blue which will be perfect for Spring & Easter manis. All the polishes are vintage matte..which is great because I’ve been loving matte nails lately.

Kanfetti – I bought this because I thought it would pair great with candy hearts. It’s a mash of white, pastel green, and blue different sized micro glitters.

Mint Chip – I couldn’t just not buy this because I love mint green..and the name is my favorite ice cream. It’s a pastel green with a little darker hue than normal also seems to have a gold shimmer in the light.


Pin Up Pink – I couldn’t forgot pink! This is just a simple pink is darker than a normal pink but I like it.

Strawberry Milk – I’m currently wearing this color right now & I love it. It’s a pretty light pastel pink..or baby pink. Reminds me so much of Spring & Easter..I wish it would hurry up. I like the name also but I can’t have strawberries or pure milk, haha.

Pink Velvet – At first when I arrived home I thought I bought to of the same polishes..but after swatching them I discover there was a difference. This one has a fine gold glitter in it which also leaves a texture to the polish once it’s dry. This one is also a tiny bit darker than Pin Up Pink.

Which ones were you able to get your hands on?

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Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Hey guys! Today is Wednesday so that means another book review, this it’s Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to read this. I thought it was a horror story..not even close. I didn’t read any reviews or anything, so I was going in blindsided.img_0639

Like I have mentioned in posts before, I’m still working at getting better at writing reviews.

You start off meeting a boy named Jacob, he thought he was just an average teenager until he saw ‘monsters’ kill his Grandfather.  His Grandfather, had started acting really strange but everyone just thought he was losing it but Jacob knew better.

He ended up discovering a place where he Grandfather lived and came from, I believe he was adopted. Well, this place turns into basically a deserted island where Jacob & his father visit.

As soon as Jacob arrived at the island, he wanted to explore. His dad on the other end wanted to explore for birds..something his dad did for a living. Jacob ended up finding 2 boys who were sorta willing to help him find the house where his Grandfather once lived with Miss Peregrine. The boys would only take him so far, so he finished going the rest of the way himself.

Once he discovers the house, it seems it be empty. Everyone that once lived in it were gone, so he went in and investigated. He thought maybe he could find photos or things that could relate to his Grandfather. He ended up finding a trunk that had to be filled with stuff but when he tried to open it, it fell through the floor into the basement.

He figured out how to go downstairs where the trunk had busted open and found photos. All the photos looked like ones his Grandfather had shown him. All of the sudden, he actually saw the children and was whipped away to another world.

Turns out that everyone that lived with his Grandfather were still alive and re-living the day in 1940 when the war was going on all over again. He met with Miss Peregrine & all the other peculiar children that were in the photographs.

After meeting with all the children, he learns that he is a peculiar child himself..and has to make the difficult decision of staying and living in the real world with his parents or staying with the peculiar children where he’s safe from the ‘monsters’.

Well, before too long..the monsters catch onto him. They end up turning Miss Peregrine back to a bird..and then Jacob and a few of the peculiar children have to work at getting her back.

I don’t want to give out too many details but there was so much going on in this book! I love it overall. I couldn’t put it down hardly at night and just wanted to keep reading till the next chapter.

There is a sequel called “Hollow City” which I want to purchase and read soon. If you read this book and wrote a review, let me know I would love to hear your opinion on it.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish Review

Hi guys! Today I thought I would do a review on a gel polish. I don’t really use them a lot because I love painting my nails and don’t wear polish for too long at a time..but I tried.

I wore the polish for a total of 4 days before I got tired of it. It did great for the most part.

When applying it, I didn’t use a base coat because you don’t need one it says. I used the color, Sugar Fix by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. It’s a very pretty light blue/sky blue. I only ended 2 coats but it was a little thin in a few places.

I let them dry for a good 5ish minutes before applying the next coat then waited 10 minutes..then applied the top coat. I watched a tv show after so they could dry well.

On the first day, I noticed a few bubbles which is probably from my coats being too thick even though I didn’t think they were. I also bumped on index nail and smudged..I thought they were completely dry.

From the second day to the fourth day..nothing happened the manicure stayed the same.

Overall, I would say this is a great gel polish..just make sure you give enough time to dry between coats and then the top coat. I will definitely give it another shot when I have more time to do my nails. I do have a few other colors from the line..Pink Up (pretty pink) & Truffle Shuffle (light chocolate brown).

Have you tried this polishes before, if so what is your opinion?

Chat later!

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Nails #43 – Sinful Colors & Pure Ice

Hi guys! I’m back with another mani look. I tried something new, never tried before that I know of.

For my base color, I used Cheshire China by Sinful Colors. It’s from their porcelain matte collection..this one of my favorites. Just a light lavender, perfect for spring..which I hope is coming soon. Next, I wanted to try doing a half moon on the bottom of my nails. I used these stickers that are suppose to help you do a french manicure, I’m not sure where I got them or what brand they are. You could also use hole re-enforcer stickers too. I placed one at the bottom of each nail, trying to get the same amount of nail to show but it didn’t quite work that way. I used It’s All A Bluer from Pure Ice for the half moon. It’s such a pretty purple that gives off a blue shimmer at times.

Overall, I like the design. I did end up nicking my pinky nail and goofed it up 😦


This manicure wasn’t very challenging though due to using the could try and do it without the sticker but you wouldn’t get a clean line.

Chat later!

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Books I Want To Purchase

Hey guys! I’m back with another book related post.

There’s quite a few books I would like to purchase within the next few least I hope to read them by the end of the year.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – I’ve seen this book pop up a few different blogs and on my goodreads app. I read Elenor & Park and enjoyed that so I’m hoping this will be just as good. It seems to be about a girl who’s just trying to fit coming of age.

Hollow City & Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs – I just finished up the first one, Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, it was so good! These are the next few in the series which I plan on continuing.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher – I’ve seen this one many times at my local store and I always debate getting it and haven’t yet..but one day! It seems like it could be an inspiring story maybe? It’s about a girl who committed suicide because of a boy..and she left him thirteen reasons why she did.

Since You’ve Been Gone & Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson – Ever since reading, The Unexpected Everything..I’ve been wanting to read her other books. She seems like such a good author. I believe both are about boy problems or drama.

The Magnolia Story by Chip Gaines – I love watching ‘Fixer Upper’..I’m so into watching DIY home improvement shows and I love how real Chip & Joanna are. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book and learn more about them.

I Do It With the Lights On by Whitney Way Thore – Whitney is such an inspiration to others and I love her personality. She has daily struggles just like we all do and she’s not afraid to share it.

Pride over Pity by Kailyn Lowry & Never Too Late by Amber Portwood – I’ve watched all the Teen Moms & 16 and Pregnant episodes, I own a few books by some of the cast but not these 2. They both seem inspiring especially Amber’s story.

Of course I have a ton more books I would like to buy and read but I can’t nearly remember them all let alone write a would be a mile long, haha. These are just a few. What are some that are on your list? Any recommendations?

Chat later!

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