I’m back! Week 19 & Week 20..#31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I have posted. I got busy with some other things that had to take my first priority. I recently opened an Etsy shop with my mom (Mother & Daughter) so I’ve been putting a lot of time and work to that. Since I finally have things settled in place for now I thought I would jump on here and catch up.

I’m a few weeks behind on posting for the #31DC2017Weekly challenge but I still tried to do the weekly manicures. The first week I missed was Galaxy week..now I did one a few months ago and it turned out amazing but for this week I just wasn’t focused and tried to go the easy route..not what I had planned but whatcha gonna do?


I started off painting all my nails with Black & Blue by Sally Hansen..it’s a nice multicolor chrome polish in my opinion, sorta galaxy themed. Then I took a cosmetic wedge and attempted stamping various glitters to get a galaxy look. I believe I have all the colors right, I used Nicole by OPI’s Rich in Sprit, Sinful Colors Blueberry Hot Rod, Ice Blue, and Hottie.  It’s okay definitely not what I wanted but it worked.

This last week the prompt was Watermarble. I’ve tried water-marbling before and had a few hits along with misses so this was another good try to get better at it. I started off by painting all my nails with Taupe is Dope by Sinful Colors..I LOVE this color..It’s such a pretty color. It’s between a brown to a brown gray at times.


For the water-marble, I used Sinful Colors YOLO Yellow & Gold Medal..along with Wet n Wild’s French White Creme. For once, I am truly over the moon satisfied with this water-marble manicure! It turned out pretty dang well! Until……I smudged my middle finger, but again whatcha gonna do? At least the water-marble finally turned out good.

What’s your thoughts on these manicures? I’m hoping to stay on track now but if things get busy again, I’ve got to focus on that first.

Chat later!

  • Liz



Week 13: Animal Print – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! We are on week 13 of the #31DC2017Weekly manicure challenge…I’m glad I was able to catch up and now have time to do some other manicures on the side too. This weeks theme was Animal Print..which was perfect to practice my stamping abilities again. One of the plates I have has 2 zebra prints, so that’s my print of choice.

For the weeks manicure, I tried out a new polish, it’s by Orly..from their breathable line that recently came out not too long ago I believe. I’ve been meaning purchase one but put it off until I saw a color I couldn’t resist. The name is Beauty Essential, which I don’t typical run to reds but this one is different. It’s more of a brighter red-orange and it’s a nice pop of color. Plus, summer is coming or should I say here as it almost hit 90 degrees today. Anyhow, I love the way this polish looks & applied. You aren’t suppose to use a base coat or top coat because it’s an all in one deal..and suppose to be a treatment too.

I can say that it has been 3 days and there’s very minimal chipping, just one little one from me trying to open something with my nail. They hold up good for the most part without adding a top coat, I’m impressed.

To finish this off, I took my Pueen Party Lover stamping plate and stamped the zebra print on my middle & ring fingers. I used the white stamping polish by Pueen as well. For my second time trying to stamp I think I did a million times better than before! I learned that I need to roll the stamp on, not just smash it down onto the nail. The only mess up on this manicure was I applied the top coat to quickly and the polish smeared on one nails, bummer! I need to learn patience, lol.

What’s your thoughts on this manicure?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Week 4 – Green Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! I’m back with another manicure for the #31DC2017Weekly challenge. This week the prompt was green nails..yes I’m posting twice for the challenge this week because I am behind. IMG_0381

I didn’t want to go crazy this week just wanted something easy. I started off by painting my nails using Sinful Colors Mint Chip..I adore this polish! It is matte but I applied a shine top coat.

For the nail art, I used Sinful Colors Silhouette and swiped it once down my middle & rings nails. It’s a pretty light lavender with shimmer. Last but not least, I took a white nail striper, outlined the purple and then made a zig-zag!

I think this looks cute! Not too much and not too less.

What’s your thoughts? Chat later!

  • Liz


Nails #37 using Silhouette, Gold Medal, & Fuchsia U!

Hey guys! Today is Monday and time for another nail post.

I’ve been experimenting with my thin nail tape, trying to see what different shapes and figures I can make.

Thumb, Index, and Pinky Fingers – Sinful Colors (KJC) ‘Silhouette’. This has to be one of my favorite purples. It’s a darker lilac with gold shimmer. img_0415

Middle & Ring Fingers – Sinful Colors ‘Gold Medal’. This is one of my go-to accent nail polishes..just a simple gold.

I’m going to try and explain how I made the shapes using nail tape. For my middle finger, I took 2 pieces and formed a triangle. Then laid 2 pieces horizontal. I used Sinful Colors (KJC) ‘Fuchsia U!’. Then peeled the tape away.

For my index finger, I took 1 piece of nail tape and placed it diagonally across my nail. Then made placed a piece vertically and horizontally. Used the same color and peeled away.

I like the end result. It was a little challenging but always up for one.

Chat later!

  • Liz


KJC – Kylie Jenner Collection

First Christmas of 2016! Nails #31 – Sinful Colors Wonder Mint, Santa Claus

Hi guys! Can you believe it’s Christmas time already? I can’t! It’s just crazy. But I couldn’t wait to start doing Christmas manis…ever since I bought the Christmas polishes that Sinful Colors came out with this year.

So for my base color I used Sinful Colors Wonder Mint..I love how minty blue this color  is..perfect for winter.

Now for the design or should I say glitter. I pulled out one of the Sinful Colors limited edition Christmas glitters..this one is Santa Claus. It has different red and white glitters and they give off a little gold shimmer. I added that to all of my nails and it’s look so pretty! I’m getting really into light blue, red, and white together for Christmas colors..they are just so wintery feeling. Totally reminds me of peppermints too!

Here’s the mani:


Chat later!

  • Liz

Nails #29 – Sinful Colors Silhouette & Gold Medal

Hey guys! I’m back with another mani post! With this one, I wanted to do some nail art so it’s a little more interesting.

For all my nails but my ring, I used Sinful Colors ‘Kylie Jenner Collection’ Silhouette as the base color. For my ring finger, I used Sinful Colors Gold Medal.

For the next step, I just shaded in half of my nails (but ring finger) with Gold Medal. And did the same thing for my ring finger except with Silhouette.

Then I took a black nail striper and went over where the colors meet.

It’s not too difficult..and my half’s are not perfectly half but it doesn’t matter..it’s good enough, haha.

Here’s the final product:



Chat later!

  • Liz


Nails #28 – Sinful Color Rise & Shine & Nail Junkie

Hi guys! In today’s post I’m sharing a polish with you that I once hated but I’m trying to love it again..the reason I hated it was it was tuff to remove and it left bad color staining.

I used Sinful Colors Rise & Shine as a base color. This color is so pretty because it has a greenish-teal hue..mix of my favorite colors. It applies really well but it happens to chip a bit with me..and when removing it it stains except this time with a good base coat it didn’t! I’m happy.

I didn’t want to leave them plain so I grabbed a glitter overcoat that I don’t remember ever using. It’s Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, It has a teal tint but the glitter are fine and multicolored.

Here’s the final product:img_0830


This totally reminds me of mermaid skin!

Chat later!

  • Liz