New Year’s Resolutions

Hi guys! I’ve been thinking a lot this month of what I want to achieve and shoot for in the new year and I thought I would share them with you all maybe for inspiration!

  1. Be More Positive – this year I did a really good job of trying to make negative situations into positive can be tricky at times but i work through it. I’d also like to spread more positively around each day. I’ve always been one of those people that worry about everything but I’m learning to let things go and just move one.
  2. Be More Social – i struggle with shyness, always have especially since i’m an only child. i originally made this blog to be more social and maybe make a few online friends or so. something else that tags along with this is i want to comment more on things people post on social media. it could brighten their day with just one comment.
  3. Be More Giving – a lot of people like kids who grew up as an only child are spoiled. i was not and do not think all are. this year i would like to give more rather than receive. even with just the little things. i’ve come to realize over the past year, that we don’t need things to make us happy, it’s more about the memories. this year i’m going to keep that in mind.
  4. Do Something With My Life – as i’ve mentioned in a few posts, i’m into making wreaths and hope to make something out of it all. this year i would really like to get a move on and possible start an etsy shop. i’m going to work hard and see what i can accomplish.

I hope I gave you some some inspiration to make your own resolutions! What is one of yours?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Past Monthly Favorites – Seche Vite, BBW etc.

Hey guys! Since it’s almost the end of the year I thought I would do one last favorites for the year..these are things that I have been loving the past few months..since the last time I posted my favorites. 

Seche Vite Top Coat – This year I’ve been trying different top coats to find my favorite few, this one being one. I have a few polishes that have trouble drying quickly but this one seems do the job! It dries within 5 is on the pricer side at around $8.

Maui Body Cream – My goal has been not to open another body cream until I finish them. I currently working on this one and I love the smell. Being that winter is here, my skin is drier and this hydrates really well. The fragrance is tropical too which I would love to be some where slightly warmer. I’m not sure if this is still out, I purchased it at a semi-annual sale.

Reading – As I have mentioned in posts before, I go through phases where I love to read and then I can’t get into reading at all. Right now, I’m currently reading The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson.

Twisted Peppermint & Vanilla Bean Noel Body Mist – Perfect for the christmas season! I love these scents.

Danskin Gray Furry Jacket – Winter hit us really good this past week and I’ve been extra chilly..this is my favorite jacket. I bought mine years ago and i ended up buying a larger size so it’s even more cozy.

Youtube – I used to watch youtube videos all the time but then i just stopped. now I’m back into it. Some of my favorites are RemLife, LaVitaDeMeg, Jenny Fox Vlogs..all my favorites are vloggers. I’m just really into vloggers.

Pinterest – I’ve always been into the pinterest app but this month it’s been extreme. I’ve found so many diy’s and been having so much fun doing them! Look out for my many posts.

Holiday Baking – In the past years, I wasn’t into baking for the holiday too much but this year I’m all in..I just recently made homemade peppermint patties and it was a success after I found correct recipe! Maybe I will share a post about them!

What’s one of your favorites?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Favorite Nail Polishes of the 2016! – Essie, Sinful Colors, Orly etc.

Hey guys! I was brainstorming some ideas for posts recently and I came up with sharing my favorite nail polishes I liked/used the most this past year.

BLUES/TEALS – img_0328

  • Sinful Colors Sail La Vie – I’ve used half of this color and it’s such a pretty in between light blue and blue!
  • Sinful Colors (Kylie Jenner Collection) Kurtain Kall- This just came out a few months ago but I’m including it in my favorites because I used it week after week almost..i couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend!
  • Sinful Colors Wondermint – I’ve had this one forever and just recently started to like it again..but I love it and have been using it with a few christmas/winter manis!
  • Essie’s In The Cabana – I need to get a new one because I’ve used this color so much this year! It’s such a pretty teal..has to be my favorite one for now..but I’m slowly stirring away from Essie because of price. Trying to go a little cheaper since I own so many polishes.

PURPLES/PINKS – img_0332

  • Orly Scenic Route – I used this polish this mostly in the summer but it’s a pretty purple and it also is a bit neon like.
  • Sinful Colors (LE Porcelain Matte) Cheshire China – I love this color so much. I haven’t wore it much lately because I can’t seem to find another or any others in the porcelain matte collection!! Ugh!
  • Sinful Colors Cream Pink – As you can tell this one also is half gone..this is one of my go-tos when I don’t know what to choose.

BROWNS – img_0326

  • Sinful Colors (Kylie Jenner Collection) Silhouette – This one also just came out a few months ago but I loved it during the fall. It’s such a deep copper red brown color.



  • Wet N Wild’s Black Creme & French White Creme – This work so good for doing nail art with dotting tools! They are my favorites!
  • Sinful Colors Casablanca & Gold Medal – I use these a lot for nail art also when doing an accent nail.
  • Wet N Wild’s Kaleidoscope – I love these glitter overcoat because the glitter’s reflect multiple colors hint the name.


Well, those are most of my favorite nail polishes that I’ve used the past year! Can you believe it’s already almost 2017? Crazy!

  • Liz


Lavender & Silver – Nails #31 – You’re Such A Budapest, Casablanca, & Queen of Beauty

hi guys! i’m back with another nail post..and this time i went simpler.

All Nails but Accent – OPI You’re Such A Budapest: i’m in love with this color! it’s such a pretty light to medium lavender. i did apply 3 coats, it’s very light almost translucent with one coat.

Accent Nail – Sinful Colors Casablanca & Queen of Beauty: If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may know that these are the polishes I normally/mostly use for accent nails. The silver is very opaque in 2 coats and then I just swipe with the glitter to give it some img_0311sparkle.

I literally love this mani! I’m probably going end up wearing it again but swapping the silver for gold.






Anyhow, chat later!

  • Liz


Indie Nail Polish Haul

Hey guys! In today’s post I’m going to share with some indie polishes I purchased from DripDropNailPaint. I made a post around Halloween, using polishes from this shop for mani and I thought I would share again.

They are handmade by a women named Jess & she is amazing! Her polishes are all indie polishes and are 3 free which is great. She does grab bags around the holidays and sometimes randomly through about the year. I recently purchased her ‘Christmas Grab Bag’ and got 3 polishes that were randomly chosen by her..I love waiting for my package to see what she choose for me and I’ve never been disappointed. Onto, what I received! img_0894

  1. Pink w/ Green and Gold Glitters – I’m taking a guess that it has gold glitter. I wore it and I swore it was all green glitter but now looking in the bottle I’m questioning, haha. I only own one pink from her and I’m so glad to have another!  Also, it was opaque in 2 coats.
  2. White w/ Red, Gold, and Green Glitters – This is so a Christmas polish and I’m so glad I got one with all the colors for christmas. I’m currently wearing it right now and it’s so festive! It was also opaque in 2 coats.
  3. Silver w/ Multicolored Micro Glitters – This is my favorite one overall! All I can say is sparkle and bling. This one will work great for accent nails too. It is opaque in 3 coats because it takes a little to build up.

I’m in love with all the colors I received in this grab bag! I’m starting to get more familiar with Indie polishes and hope to order more from her soon.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! I hope you all have a day filled with peace, love and happiness!

Me & my family aren’t doing much at all. Yesterday, I made fudge & cookies with my Mom and then my Dad helped decorate. And then spent the day watching different Christmas movies. I just wanted something laid back this year. We didn’t do gifts either because the true meaning of Christmas is about being with the ones you love and I prefer to give than receive..I’ve learned that a lot this year.

Sending Christmas wishes to you!

Chat later!

  • Liz

Book Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Hi guys! Today’s post is going to be a book review as the title says above. I am not the best reviewer but I’m going to try and include some every month or so when I finish a book.


So, Eleanor & Park. Eleanor is an isolated teen. She recently moved back in with her mom, along with 3 siblings (I think) and her mom’s alcoholic boyfriend Richie. She literally cannot do anything wrong or Richie flips and her mom can’t really have a say.

When Eleanor starts school, she meets Park who I think has had a secret crush on her the second he saw here. They ended up getting to know each other a little more everyday on the bus but then Eleanor kind of slipped away the more they knew about each other. I think it was mainly because she didn’t want Park to find out about her home life. Park wanted get to know her more and figure her out. Eleanor couldn’t let Richie find out that she was talking with a boy or she was dead meat.

She ended up coming up with an idea to lie and say she was going to a girlfriends house when the truth was she was going to Park’s. It took her a while to trust Park’s parents even though they didn’t mean any harm..they just wanted to get to know her more..but she felt they would turn against her the second they learned about her home life.

Once she got past that fear, her and Park got real close. Too close, because Richie found out and she had to escape. She ended up going and living with her uncle..and Rainbow Rowell, left us hanging!

Overall, this was a great book! It’s not an intense love story but definitely getting’s your heart at times. I love how Rainbow Rowell wrote this and I’m going to look around for her other books.

Chat later!

  • Liz