Favorite Spring Nail Polishes

Since it’s now spring and the weather is finally acting like spring, I thought I would share my favorite spring nail polishes. I have a mix of cheaper drugstore polishes and then a few that are higher end drugstore polishes. Into the polishes..

I’ll start with the pinks first.

  • Essie’s Cascade Cool: I love this one for spring. It’s not a light light pink but yeah it’s not a bold pink. Also, when I look at I feel like it’s a purplish pink, maybe not haha. –
  • Sally Hansen’s Back to the Fuchsia:  This one is a long time favorite of mine and it’s my go to polish for the spring & summer! When you look at this one it has a purple shimmer which in the sun you definitely see! IMG_1816.jpg
  • Nicole by Opi’s Something about Spring:  Spring is in the name so it’s definitely a spring polish. This is a darker kind of pink but still great for spring! IMG_1817.jpg
  • Wet n Wild’s Dreamy Poppy:  You can’t have spring polishes without a coral! To some this may not look like a coral but to me it is. I love to pair this one with a turquoise in the spring/summer!

Now to the purples.

  1. Opi’s Lucky Lucky Lavender:   This is a purplish pink in my book as well. How could it not be in my spring polishes? haha. I love how this one applies as well, 2 coats in all you need!IMG_0468.jpg
  2. Essie’s Lilacism:  This is such a pretty light purple that has a light grayish tint when applied. Light colors are my favorite during spring though so this had to be included! IMG_0469.jpg
  3. Sinful Colors’s Cheshire China:  This is no joke, I have been obsessed with this polish! It applies so well and dries quickly! The color is a light purple but has blueish tint at times. Reminds me of the color periwinkle! IMG_0470.jpg
  4. Sally Hansen’s Grape Gatsby:  This is another go to spring polish. This is just a quick and easy polish that looks good on it’s own.

Now to the blues/greens.

  1. Essie’s Mint Candy Apple:  My favorite color is mint green so this had to be in my spring polishes! I love this one but there is one flaw with it. You need 3 coats to get a good cover but other than that I love it. Also, in certain light it can look mint green or light blue! IMG_0472.jpg
  2. Wet n Wild’s Be More Pacific: I just recently got this one and it’s now a favorite! I use this with a coral and it’s perfect for spring & summer! It covers really well too!



Let me know if any of these polishes are in your spring category or if you have any suggestions I should try! Sorry about the descriptions, I’m not very good at describing things, haha but I’m trying to get better. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Where have my posts been?

Hey all! Sorry I haven’t posted in like..forever! I ended up coming down with a cold and then got hit with allergies! Ugh, that’s the bad part about Spring but I’m good now. I’m going to try and post 2-3 times a week but since the weather is getting nicer I’ll be outside more.

This past week has been amazing! The week started off with some snow..I know snow in April but by Wedensday the weather straightened up. We’ve been in the 50s all the way to the 70s this weekend. I’ve been doing some diying which I might show you in a few posts, comment if you interested in seeing my stuff. I made a bird bath, golf ball ladybugs, painted a wooden letter and now I’m working on a bench made out a of crib! I’ve been busy this weekend and loving every minute.

I don’t have any new makeup products to talk about yet but I do have a few nail polishes that I bought, I’ll share them with you soon.

Anyway, I’m going to end this post here and check back in a few days for another post.

Chat later!

  • Liz