Week 8: Metallic Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! This weeks manicure theme for the #31DC2017Weekly manicure challenger is metallic nails! I’m still out of my groove a little and couldn’t think of anything to do..so I went simple & easy..just like last week.

I recently bought the color Taupe is Dope by Sinful Colors and I’ve been dying to use it..it’s a brown, plumy, gray color..very fall like. I thought it would go great with bronze for the metallic portion of the manicure. I used Nicole by OPI’s It Starts With Me. It’s a very shimmer shiny bronze.

I just applied taupe is dope to my thumb, index, and pinky nails..and then applied it starts with me to my middle & ring nails..then I used my dotting tools to do dots down the middle of a few nails.


It was that simple..hopefully next week’s will be more fun.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Spring Polishes – Sinful Colors, Essie, Nicole by OPI

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s Spring? I totally cannot. The weather has been so wacky..we’ve had thunderstorms, tons of rain and just super gloomy weather, ugh. Anyway, since it’s now Spring I thought it would share a few polishes that I plan on using this Spring.


First for pinks is Sinful Colors Strawberry Milk..this was part of the Kandee Johnson collection. It’s a very pale pink but has enough hue to tell it’s pink. It does dry matte unless you use shiny top coat. Next is Cute as a Button by Essie, this is just a simple pretty coral.


For purples, my first one is Lie-Lac by Sinful Colors. I haven’t owned this one for too long but it’s so spring-y to me..even the name is. The color is a light lilac. Playdate by Essie is a darker lilac in my opinion that works get for the spring season also.


Candy Hearts by Sinful Colors..is also part of the KJ collection..is prefect for spring! I truly cannot wait to do an Easter mani using this. It’s such pretty close to robin egg blue. It’s also matte but a shine coat with take that away. Mint Candy Apple by Essie is another pretty blue spring polish. It has hues of blue and mint green, it’s a really pretty pastel.


Another new polish to me that I’m going to use this spring is Mint Chip by Sinful Colors..yes and it’s part of the KJ collection. It’s such a pretty medium mint green..ahh! I would use it all the time..I should have picked up another for back up. I was kinda on the fence of including I Shop Mintage by Nicole by OPI..but here it is. I don’t use this polish much at all but I’m going to try and do a mani with it this Spring.


Last one..I really would have liked to include a yellow polish but I don’t any pastel yellow..or really any yellows. They just don’t go with my skin tone..but I though I would include a pastel orange! It’s V.I.Peach by Sinful Colors..part of the Kylie Jenner collection. It’s a pale peachy color with gold shimmer.

Those are most the polishes I’m going to try and include in a few spring manis soon! What’s one of your favorite polishes that you love for Spring?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Nails #42 – Nicole by OPI

Hi guys! Today I’m just sharing a quick mani using a really pretty coral pink.

The color is Color Me Country from Nicole by OPI..it is one that they collaborated with Carrie Underwood. I do’t really reach for this color much but I gave it a whirl. It’s a thin color so I applied 3 coats and it still looked a little thin at times. It’s a great spring or easter nail color!img_0562

Like I said this was gonna be quick so that’s it!

Chat later!

  • Liz

Nail Polish Collection Part 2: Nicole by OPI & OPI

Hey guys! I’m back with part 2 of my collection, this time sharing my OPI collection! i don’t own nearly as many like my Sinful Colors collection..but OPI has been a favorite brand recently. Let’s go!

Nicole by OPI 

the next CEO – shimmer gold

it starts with me – shimmer bronze

rich in spirt – shimmer silver blue

this blue is so you – dark navy

i shop mintage – light mint green

something about spring – darker pink

find your passion – pink/orange

carnival cotton candy (carrie) – bubblegum pink

color me pink (carrie) – coral pink

be awesome – multicolored diamond glitter


super cute in pink (HK) – pink purple

lucky lucky lavender – pale pink

you’re such a budapest – light periwinkle

can’t find my czech book – blue teal

If I had to pick a favorite color from both collection, it would be Something About Spring & You’re Such A Budapest!

Chat later!

  • Liz

Carrie – Carrie Underwood Collaboration


Winter Go-to Polishes – Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen, Wet N Wild, & Nicole by OPI

Hi guys! I’m back with another go-to polish post for Winter. I picked out my 9 favorite polishes that I use more during the winter season and want to share them with you! 

Sinful Colors Folly – I’m not a huge fan of a dark red or a true red so this one works for it because it has a little bit of a pinkish tone to it.

Sinful Color Wondermint – I used to not be a fan of this polish..something just wasn’t right with it but now I love it! Time always changes things..but in my opinion you have to have a minty green blue color for Winter!

Sinful Colors Cold Leather – This is a dark/navy blue and I love to pair it with silver to make a really pretty Winter mani!

Sinful Colors Rise & Shine – I’m not quite sure why I included this in my Winter go-to but I suppose it could make a good winter mani? maybe pair it a gold? It’s a pretty teal color though!


                                                                      Sorry that Wondermint looks so white! I’m working at getting better at taking pictures!

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Grease Lightning – We always get gray skies and dull days during the winter here and this is a dark gray to go with! I normally apply some glitter over to make it a little cheery.

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Slick Slate – I might have mentioned this in my post about my Fall go-to polishes but I like using this during the winter too.

Nicole by OPI The Next CEO – I like pairing this with a Slick Slate as an accent nails or Folly..Gold gets along with most colors.

Wet n Wild French White Creme – I had to include my favorite white polish in my winter go-tos! I love using this for nail art!



Maybelline Precious Pearls – I always forgot that I own this glitter polish but this year I’m not going to..it remind me so much of snow and it’s perfect for winter!


So those are all my winter go-to polishes for this year! There’s probably more of course but I think nine is enough to list, haha!

Chat later!

  • Liz


Christmas Go-To Polishes! – Sinful Colors, Wet N Wild, Nicole by OPI etc.

Hi guys! In today’s post I thought I would share some polishes that I think would be great for christmas manis! I was going to just include them with my winter go-tos but thought it would be too long..so here it goes.

Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty – this is just a plain silver fine glitter overcoat.

Sinful Colors Folly – i consider this a red..it’s a brighter red no so dark toned.

Wet n Wild’s French White Cream – have to include my favorite white to do nail are with! this is the only white i use.


Nicole by Opi’s The Next CEO – this is a shiny metallic gold

Pure Ice’s Free Spirt – i don’t have many greens at all but i bought this one last year especially for a christmas mani and it worked great!

Sinful Colors Casablanca – this is my favorite silver polish i own..and i need to buy a new one! it’s mainly one of my nail art polishes i use.


Sinful Colors Limited Edition Christmas Polishes Santa Claus, That’s Elfed Up, and Sleigh My Name – i wrote a whole blog post about these so go back if you want to read it..i just used santa claus for a mani and you’ll see that post soon or it may already be up!

                                                              That’s Elfed Up, Santa Claus, Sleigh My Name

So those are all of my go-to polishes for the Christmas season! Let me know if you have any that I should try!

Chat later!

  • Liz

Nails #11

For this mani, I wanted to do something that was half and half (2 different colors) on each nail.

First, I used Wet n Wild’s: Putting on Airs on all my nails. I had few issues with this polish, it didn’t want to dry very good and it seemed to be a little thicker than normal.

Next, I grabbed some nail tape and cut 10 strips. I placed them all diagonally across nails, like splitting the nail in half. I took Nicole by OPI’s: Rich in Spirit and painted the top portion of the halves on my nails.

Once I removed all the nail tape, I noticed that the lines weren’t straight. I pulled out my KISS Nail Art Paint striper in Silver and painted were the two colors came together.


I think this mani turned out pretty good. The OPI color was a little sheer against the Wet n Wild color but it still looked okay.

Chat later!

  • Liz