Nails #15

I decided to do some nail art with one of the polishes from Kylie Jenner’s Trend Matters line. I choose to use ‘Kurtsey’ for my base color. I wanted to show you all what it looks like plain. You can see the gold shimmer that it does give off but it’s not a lot. Overall, it’s a pretty color alone. IMG_2791

For my nail art, I pulled out the colors:

  • Pure Ice: It’s All a Bluer
  • Sinful Colors: Gold Medal
  • Wet n Wild: French White Creme

I also grabbed 3 dotting tools that I got from Amazon a while back.

This was really simple to do..I just took the gold polish and made 4 dots down my whole nail in the middle..3 on my pinky. Next, you do the same for the purple and white except you place them in another row where the open spaces are at (hope that makes sense). After your done, it kinda looks like a half a diamond shape. I thought it looked simple and pretty.


Sorry for the glare.

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Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Nail Polish Line

A few posts back I wrote about the Kylie Jenner Denim & Bling line..Well now I’m going to show you a few polishes from the Trend Matters line. I have noticed with these that there are some different finishes. The ones I’m going to tell you about are from the ‘velvety demi matters’ finish. I hope I’m writing this correctly..if not let me know down below.



1. Kurtsey: I have used this one several times already, I love the color! It is a nice light lilac with a blueish hint to it. The polish applies good and dries quickly. When it dries, it still has some shine but you can definitely tell it has a matte finish. I can’t wait to use this for a spring or Easter mani next year. All of these polishes are suppose to have a gold shimmer to them and you do see that in this one.

2. Kool as a Kukumber: This color totally remind me of mint chip ice cream, I know that sounds a little random..haha but I had to get it. This one applies good as well and dries just as quickly. I’ve used this one once already and it looked pretty. This one the gold shimmer looks more silver in this color, in my opinion.

3. V.I.Peach: When I saw this one, I had to have it. We still have a little bit of summer left so it will be perfect for a last summer mani! This one the gold shimmer looks more like specks of gold glitter but it still comes across okay. This one dried and applied the same as the others.

Overall, I think this is a great line too! I liked how they included gold shimmer even though in certain lightning you don’t seem it as well as some. I can’t wait to add more of the colors from this line to my collection.

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Another Nail Polish Haul Feat. Drugstore Polishes

Lately, I’ve been trying to play around with some inexpensive drugstore polishes to see how they compare to more expensive drugstore polishes and just to see how they are in general. So, I picked up 2 and I’m happy to tell you about them. IMG_2752

  1. Wet n Wild: Who is Ultra Violet- This was one of the cheapest polishes I could find at my local Walmart. Price was just under a one dollar. I was drawn to this one because it reminded me of a more expensive polish that I have and want to see how it compares. This color is a mix of purple and violet and they make a great combination. 


  2.   Pure Ice: It’s All A Bluer- This was was priced just under $2 dollars still inexpensive. I used to use this brand a few years ago and then I stepped away from it because there wasn’t much of a variety of colors. I picked this one because it’s deep periwinkle and it has different shimmers of color in it like blue and pink which is cool.


Stay tuned for a first impression/review on them! And I might do a dupe post of inexpensive to expensive polishes. 

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Nails #14 – Kylie Jenner Collection

I mentioned in my last nail polish has that I picked up a few of Kylie Jenner’s collection in collaboration with Sinful Colors. In this post, I’m going to share my opinion on the two that I bought from the denim and bling line. 

  1. Denim & Bling: Krop Top- Whenever I see a new line of polish I normally go for a pink or red color first. I saw this one and was drawn to it. The bottle gives it a metallic look which I like. It appeared to be loaded with glitter, hint the name of the collection. It’s a good blend of pink and red, though.

When I started applying the polish it went on smooth and dried remarkably fast! It does dry matte like it says but since my top coat is a shine coat, it’s shiny. The polish is bumpy even after the top if that is not your thing, this polish is probably not good for you.

It stayed on my nails, well. It didn’t chip for at least 5 days, it didn’t smudge at all when applying. Overall, I think this is a really good polish!


2. Denim & Bling: Kobalt- After trying Krop Top, I knew I needed to get another color in this line asap! Blues are normally the color I’m drawn to the almost so I picked up this one. This basically has the same qualities as Krop Top does, just a different color. I love this color of blue though!! It’s so pretty and in certain lights, it almost looks like it has different colors of the photo you can kinda see a light blue.

This polish applied the same and dried just as fast, and matte too! It is still just as bumpy as the other but that’s how it’s suppose to be. This one did stay on my nails a little better than Krop Top did..this lasted a week (7 days) without chipping, I was impressed



This has to be one of my favorite polish collections ever! I have brought a few different polishes from the other lines from this collection that I can’t wait to share with you all, so be on the lookout for that post. 

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Nails #13

Sorry I’ve been posting non-stop about my different nail looks but that’s all I have as of right now. Hopefully when Fall comes around I will have more crafting and diy posts! 

This manicure was from a few weeks ago when the weather was HOT & I wanted to wish for Fall. Thank goodness, things are cooling down now.

I picked Covergirl’s Glowing Nights, Glossinis in the color TechnoGlow. I love this color for the Fall season. It’s a reddish, plumy purple kinda undertone? That’s what I going with, haha. It definitely is a glossy color that radiates a lot of shine.

It applied really well, and dried quickly. The only ‘but’ I have is, I wish the bottle and brush were just a little bigger.


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Nails #12

I recently picked up this color and I love it! It’s Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Sonic Boom.


#1 Color: This color is bright & bold! A perfect pop of color for summer! It is a red/red orange color.

#2 How it applies: It applied really good. It covered in 2 coats. Only thing I have to say is the brushes are a little wider than I like but can’t complain, haha.

#3 Drying: It dried within 5 minutes for me. It lasted a week without chipping which was AMAZING!

I probably could have done some nail art with it but decided to leave it just to see how good it looked. I can’t wait to wear it again.

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Nail Polish Haul

I’ve been trying to get into different brands, like Sally Hansen and Wet n Wild so I purchased a few different colors in each brand.

  1. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Leapin’ Lilac: When I saw this color, it called my name! It’s such a pretty and delicate light purple. It will be perfect for Easter nail art.
  2. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Sonic Boom: I’m not too much into bold and bright colors but this one stuck out to me. It’s a red-orangish color but great for summer.
  3. Sally Hansen Insta-Dro: In Prompt Blue: To me, this kinda of reminds me a of cobalt blue but not as bright and bold. It has purple hue too. It will be a good background color for winter nails.


  1. Wet n Wild: Putting on Airs: I don’t look at the wet n wild colors all too much but I choose to when I saw this color! It’s a pretty light blue that has mint hue at times. It will be nice for winter mani’s as well.


  1. Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner: Kommotion: This is from the trend matters velvet collection. Some on them have a gold hue, like this one. I loved how the purple and gold looked together, so I thought I’d give it a try.
  2. Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner: Krop Top: This is from the denim and bling collection. I had to get the red one because when it doubt choose the red one is my saying.
  3. Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner: Kobalt: This is also from the denim and bling collection. This one looked kinda like a galaxy and I had to have it!


If you have any suggestions of colors from these brands, let me know!

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