Nail Polish Collection Part 6: Odds & Ends

Hey guys! This is going to be the last part in my series. I’m going to share with you the polishes I have from various brands but only a few of. Let’s get going!

Salon Perfectimg_0782

purple POP! – neon purple

in love – pinky red

Color Clubimg_0775

all that razz – hot pink

pure energy – bright shimmery blue

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliantimg_0792

my papaya – shimmery coral pink

leading lady – dark magenta purple

toasted almond – dark beige

Covergirl Glowing Nightsimg_0808

#technoglow – magenta purple

Rimmel London 60 Secondsimg_0769

cupcake pink – light shimmery pink

precious metal – shimmery silver


tribeca silver – shimmery silver


sorbet – bright orange

Pure Iceimg_0803

it’s all a bluer – shiny metallic purple

free spirit – green

cheatin – purple blue glitter

watch me go – aqua green glitter

Maybelline Color Showimg_0814

lust for lilac – light pink purple

blue bombshell – cobalt blue

gleaming graphite – dark gray glitter shards

precious pearls – shimmery white glitter


scenic route – neon purple


rocky – sky blue

China Glazeimg_0767

purple panic – bright fuchsia

exceptionally gifted – shimmery light pink

And that’s all for my nail polish collection! I am thinking about adding one more part for my gel polishes that I own so look for that next. If there’s any brands that I don’t have, that you think I should give a shot, comment them below!

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  • Liz


Book Review: The Clue of the Broken Locket by Carolyn Keene

Hi guys! It’s time for another book review. This week’s book happens to be an oldie but a goodie. It’s The Clue of the Broken Locket by Carolyn Keene.IMG_0868

I’ve always been instead in Nancy Drew books but I read them so quickly because I get locked into them. I wish I had more of the collection but I only have a few.

For those of you that have not read any Nancy Drew books, Nancy is a young women, her father Mr. Drew is a lawyer..Nancy always gets her head wrapped around different cases that her Father encounters..just like this one.

Mr. Drew ends up giving the go-ahead for the Blairs, who are actresses to adopt a set of twins. Not too soon after he does, he receives a letter from the babies mother saying ‘do not let the Blairs adopted my babies’. Nancy gets right on the case.

She ends up going to the Blairs estate several times throughout the book to get clues as to way the Blairs even adopted children sense they are so busy already. She meets with their maid, cook, and chafferer all who say they shouldn’t have the children..they are just using them to look good as actresses.

Nancy finds clues one after other trying to connect the mother with her babies and to get them out of the Blairs hands.

This book was so good. I was hooked throughout the entire book..I just wanted to get to the end and get the mystery solved just as much as Nancy. I highly recommend Nancy Drew books to anyone especially young girls!

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  • Liz


SPOILER – Nancy does reunite the babies with their biological mother & father!


Nails #48 – Green Leopard Print – Sinful Colors

Hey guys! I’m back with another nail post that includes some freehand nail art. I did this the week of St Patricks was going to be my mani for that day but I ended up changing ideas. Anyhow, let’s go.

I started off by painting my nails with Works Like A Charm by Sinful Colors. This a pastel green with gold shimmer. It was one of the limited edition St Patricks Day polishes from their collection this year. Overall, it applied well and stayed on great..without chipping.

Next to do the leopard print, I took Happy Ending by Sinful Colors and just made random blobs or circle-ish shapes around my middle and ring nails. Happy Ending is a medium green-yellow? with a gold shimmer also. It is slightly sheer so I had to build the color up a tiny bit. Last, I took Gold Medal by Sinful Colors and outlined the blobs..not all the way around the blobs though. Like a cookie with a filling, you don’t put cookie all down the sides to cover the filling..haha what I am doing here? Cookies do sound good though!

This was a pretty easy mani to do! You don’t need any nails tools just nail polish! I loved the way it turned out. I think I’m going to try a pastel leopard mani and a neon one but I need to get my hands on some neon polishes!

Chat later!

  • Liz

Nail Polish Haul – Sinful Colors

Hi guys! I know I have said time and time again that I need to stop purchasing nail polish, but Sinful Colors came out with some new ones! I just couldn’t resist. I also went to my local Walgreens too, which normally I don’t and I found a few that weren’t at meijer!

IMG_0873Before I get into the colors, I finally found the sinful color’s base coat. I have been looking around and could only find the regular clear coat. I have already used it a handful of times and I love it. I also saw their hardener top coat and I thought I grab it..turns out I grabbed the top shine instead. It works pretty good also..but let it dry for like 20 minutes before touching anything.

Now onto the colors.


Deep End – I believe this is part of their permanent collection  but it’s the first  time I saw it. It’s a really pretty blue with shimmers of aqua and purple. Look for a nail post soon!

Lie-Lac – I’m getting more into pastel colors since it’s almost spring and I noticed I don’t have a regular light purple from Sinful I grabbed this one! I also believe this part of their permanent collection.

Works Like A Charm – This a new polish for St Patricks Day this year! It’s part of the “Luck for Stylish’ collection. It’s a light pastel green with gold shimmer.


Tealing Power – This is from a new line also called ‘Desert Divas’..I only found this at Walgreens so far. It’s suppose to have a stoned crystal look with shimmer. It’s a really pretty teal, with small glitter pieces through out.

Desert Reign – This is a part of the same collection that I mentioned above. The color is unique to’s a dark blush pink but has sort of a purple tint maybe? It also has the small glitter pieces to make it look like stoned crystal.

That’s my haul for this month..unless I buy more. I’m hoping not to for a little while, but if you see one that I desperately need out there, let me know!

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  • Liz

Nail Polish Collection Part 5: Wet N Wild

Hey guys! Wow, part 5 already. If you haven’t already noticed I’ve broken down the parts by brand/maker instead of color. This week I’m sharing my Wet n Wild collection. Let’s go!

Pinks & Orange 

dreamy poppy – medium coral pink

lavender cream – medium/dark pink

blazed – peachy orange



who is ultra violet? – medium violet

Blue & Green 

putting on airs – light baby blue

be more pacific – dark aqua


White & Black

french white creme – white

black creme – solid black


kaleidoscope – holographic glitter


As you can tell I don’t own that many from Wet n Wild..I think the polishes are great just I just don’t like the brush, it’s hard for me to handle being that the top is squarish.

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  • Liz

Book Review: I Was Here by Gayle Forman

Hi guys! I’m back with another book review, this time it’s by one of my favorite authors..I Was Here by Gayle Forman. It just came out 2 years ago and I recently picked it up.IMG_0939

It’s about a girl who unfortunately commits I’m not typically the person to read books about that but I just grabbed it.

The girls name is Meg. She went off to college in Seattle..while she was there she planned it all outta by figuring out all the details and what she would need to do to commit suicide without anyone noticing.

Now her friend Cody had to go to Seattle to bring all of her stuff back home. While Cody was there she met with Meg’s friends and slept in Meg’s bed..once she got back home Meg’s parents gave Cody her laptop. That was a pretty wrong idea.

Cody went digging to find out why Meg did what she did..and how she did it. There had to be someone who forced her too or something.

Throughout the book..Cody has one of Meg’s friends hack into the laptop to access files and emails to try and get clues. She also pairs up with one of Meg’s friends (I believe) named Ben to help..but he doesn’t always like to get into what was Meg’s personal business.

Cody figures out that Meg was in an online forum that talked all about how to commit suicide and the easy ways too. There was one guy in particular that caught Cody’s eye and she thought that’s who got Meg into the state she was.

Cody and Ben end up locating the guy and tracking him down but it wasn’t really worth it in the end.

This book was a fairly good read. I was hooked to it as normal and enjoyed pretty much every part.

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  • Liz

St Patricks Day Nails!

Hey guys! I planned on getting this post the day before St Patricks day but it just didn’t here it is sooner than later.

IMG_0908I decided that I wanted most of my nails gold instead of green, so I grabbed Sinful Colors Gold Medal and applied it on my thumb, index, and pinkie nails.This happens to be my favorite and go-to gold polish. It’s not too shiny and not too dull. It always applies and holds well. When I thought I was finished..I wasn’t. I went on and applied Sinful Colors Feeling Lucky? glitter coat over the gold nails. This came out last year but I saw it also this year but I believe the green glitters where light green this year. It has shamrock glitters in it but I didn’t reach for any this time.
My middle nail didn’t turn out actually as pictured in my mind but close enough. For my base color I used Pure Ice’s Free Spirt..this is just a darker green, its applies well also. Next I took Wet n Wild’s Black Creme and swiped a line across my nail to make a belt. Then took Gold Medal brushed it off real good to make a belt buckle. This part was a little sloppy-er than I hoped but I wasn’t going to redo it.

I LOVE the way my ring nail came out..for once something turned out the way I hoped. I started with Wet n Wild’s French White Creme for a base. Next I took all the colors of a rainbow (I’ll list the ones I used below) and swiped a line or so of each until the nail was covered from bottom to top. It’s looks really pretty.

Red – Sinful Colors Folly, Orange – Revlon Sorbet, Yellow – Sinful Colors Pull Over, Green – Pure Ice Free Spirt, Blue – Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Purple – Sally Hansen Purple Craze

I ended up where this mani a few day after St. Patricks day because I loved the rainbow nail so much. I’m definitely going to try it again in the future but with fewer colors!

Chat later!

  • Liz