Nail Polish Collection Part 4: Essie

Hey guys! I’m back with another part to my nails polish collection series..this week it’s Essie! Let’s go.


munchi, munchi – light pale pink

pink diamond – shimmery light pink

pink cascade – bubblegum pink

madison ave-hue – pink with shimmery glitter

peach side babe- light orangish

lounge lover – coral pink

cute as a button – pink

guilty pleasures – pink but it’s thin

peach daiquiri – medium pink

mod square – medium fuchsia pink

secret story – medium pink but it’s thin

bachelorette party – dark fuchsia

brides no grooms – dark fuchsia red

watermelon – red



lilacism – light lavender

playdate – purple

Blues & Greens


bikini so teeny – medium blue

saltwater taffy – light blue/purple/gray

mint candy apple – light blue with hint of mint

in the cab-ana – medium aqua teal

turquoise & caicos – light green

Grays & Browns & Metallics 


petal pushers – dark gray

no place like chrome – silver

chinchilly – mauve brown

smokin’ hot – dark brown red

good as gold – gold

That’s my Essie collection! Which are your favorites? Is there one I desperately need?

Chat later!

  • Liz


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