Nails #39 – Sinful Colors Cold Leather

Hi guys! I’m back with another nail post! I recently purchased a new matte top’s the revlon version. I was using NYC’s but it never dried all the way and my nails ended up being ruined.

I wanted to go dark that way the matte would really show so I choose Sinful Colors Cold Leather! I don’t think I’ve ever used this color before but I love it. It’s a super dark navy blue in some lights it could look almost black. img_0667

After I applied 2 coats of color I applied the matte top coat. It ascended my exceptions! It applied & dried well..definitely going to be using this more & more.

This has to be one of my favorite manis even though it just’s just so simple and I like it.

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Nail Polish Collection Part 2: Nicole by OPI & OPI

Hey guys! I’m back with part 2 of my collection, this time sharing my OPI collection! i don’t own nearly as many like my Sinful Colors collection..but OPI has been a favorite brand recently. Let’s go!

Nicole by OPI 

the next CEO – shimmer gold

it starts with me – shimmer bronze

rich in spirt – shimmer silver blue

this blue is so you – dark navy

i shop mintage – light mint green

something about spring – darker pink

find your passion – pink/orange

carnival cotton candy (carrie) – bubblegum pink

color me pink (carrie) – coral pink

be awesome – multicolored diamond glitter


super cute in pink (HK) – pink purple

lucky lucky lavender – pale pink

you’re such a budapest – light periwinkle

can’t find my czech book – blue teal

If I had to pick a favorite color from both collection, it would be Something About Spring & You’re Such A Budapest!

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Carrie – Carrie Underwood Collaboration


Book Review: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

Hey guys! Today is Wednesday, book review time! Today I’m going to be sharing a book that most probably would have read in middle school or so but I found my copy just the other day and NEVER read it, so I thought what the heck it can’t be too bad. Let’s go!

They are four main people in this book, Tibby, Carmen, Lena, Bridget. The pants belong to Carmen but she didn’t really like them so offered them to Tibby but then Tibby offered them to Lena and so on..they all finally realized that seemed to be magical because they all could wear them and look great in them.img_0661

This story took place over the summer and all 4 girls where going to be in different places but wanted to share the pants…so each one got to wear them at some point during the summer because they shipped them from one person to the next. Each time, each girl had them, they helped them in someway when they were in a time of need or were going through a struggle.

Each girl had there struggles during the summer from getting turned down by a guy to finding out that Carmen’s dad had another family and didn’t really care for her..the pants helped make situations better.

This book was a quick read but I was hooked the entire time! I would say this is probably recommend for at least 13 & up! There are also a few more to the series, I’m not sure if I will purchase them or not. If I remember correctly, I was left hanging at the end..unfortunately.

Feel free to comment any book suggestions below.

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Nails #38 – Essie Petal Pushers

Hey guys! I’m back with another nail look that I’ve been rocking. I didn’t want anything to  crazy but I wanted an accent nail to stand out.

I used Essie’s Petal Pushers on all my nails. I love this gray. It’s in the middle between light & dark..just perfect.

For my ring finger accent, I used a white nail striper and made a line straight down and then winged them out as I will call it. I found some gold studs I had laying around applied nail glue and placed them on the white line. img_0651

I decided to give my matte top coat by NYC a try..I applied it to my ring fingers & middle fingers. It doesn’t show up too much but in person you could see it.

And that’s all!

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Winter Walmart Beauty Box Review

Hi guys! I’ve been receiving the Walmart beauty boxes for a few seasons now..they don’t come every month. The price is reasonable at $5 and that’s just to ship it. I thought I would a post to share what you receive.

This seasons box wasn’t the best I’ve gotten but I loved a few things. Typically you get 5-7 products I think..could be wrong. This time though it was 5 products.

Let’s talk about the packaging though! The blue and gold along with snowflake tissue paper..I love it!

  1. Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara – I’m so happy this was in there! I needed a new one and I’m so glad it’s covergirl. I have the green one I think it’s just the plain lashblast and I really liked it. Can’t wait to try this one.
  2. Curel Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer – I’m excited to use this being that its winter and my skin is dry!
  3. Dove Revitalize Body Wash – This is suppose to be a good moisturizing body wash. I’ve never used dove body wash before but I’m looking forward to trying it. The scent is mandarin tiare flower blossom, you can smell the orange with a hint of floral.
  4. Pond’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream – I’ve have gotten 2 or 3 of these so far! I’m hoping I don’t get another, haha. I haven’t tried it yet but I guess your never to young to protect against wrinkles! The scent smells like baby powder.
  5. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt – I received another moisturizer except I’ve never heard of body yogurt. It is vanilla and oats fragrance..but is very light!

This was an okay box, definitely my favorite thing was the mascara. I seem to get repeat items every so often like the Pond’s cream.

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Nail Polish Collection: Part 1 – Sinful Colors

Hi guys! I finally decided to share my whole nail polish collection with you! I’m going to do multiple posts/parts otherwise it would be a long post. I have way too much and I’ve decluttered once but need to do it again soon. Anyhow, I’m going to start with Sinful Colors..let’s go!

Pinks & Reds:

starfish- pale pink

island coral- plain coral

flower power- light pink with different pink and white glitters

pink glitter – pink jelly with multicolored micro glitters

boom boom- fuchsia pink

koral riff (KJC)- darker coral

cream pink- pink that has a gold/orange shimmer

sunburnt- red orange

peace to pink (LF)- pink jelly polish with different glitter fragments

krop top (KJC)- reddish/pink with texture

folly- pinkish red

fuchsia u! (KJC)- darker fuchsia

get it on- darker red

gogo girl- true red

Yellows & Oranges

img_0440unicorn- pale yellow

pullover – golden yellow

v.i.peach (KJC)- pale orange with shimmer


purple diamond- light purple with shimmer

dream on- neon purple

magik touch (KJC)- light purple

cheshire china (Porcelain)- light pastel purple

kurtsey (KJC)- purple gray with gold shimmer

silhouette (KJC)- light lilac purple with gold shimmer

kommotion (KJC)- dark purple/blue with gold shimmer

let’s talk – dark royal purple


wondermint- light mint blue

cinderella- light blue with pink shimmer

sail la vie- sky blueish

kurtain kall (KJC)- blue with gold shimmer

kolbalt (KJC)- dark blue with texture

ice blue- shimmery blue purple

hottie- jelly blue with glitter

endless blue- bright cobalt blue

tear it up (LF)- jelly royal blue with glitter fragments

cold leather- dark navy blue


img_0601kool as a kukumber (KJC) – light green with gold shimmer

happy ending – yellow green with gold shimmer

strapped – dark teal green

rise and shine – dark aqua with fine teal glitter

green ocean – bright green jelly with multicolored fine glitters

nail junkie – dark teal jelly with multicolored glitters


img_0591mauvelous – darker brown purple

i Klove u (KJC) – darker brown red

Silver & Golds

img_0932gold medal – shiny gold

casablanca – shiny silver

after dark – dark gray with texture

silver slivers (LF) – gray jelly with glitter fragments


karats of kargo (KJC) – micro gold glitters

twilight twinkles – gold glitter fragments

queen of beauty – micro silver glitters

decadent – red glitters

feeling lucky – lime green, dark green glitters with clovers

cauldron couture – black and green glitters

splatter spill – black and orange glitters

deja boo – gray jelly with black and ghost glitters

santa claus – pink, red, white, gold glitters

sleigh my name – cream jelly with gold and cream glitters and white stars

that’s elfed up – green, red, and white glitters


Sorry that it’s so long but that is my entire Sinful Colors collection! Next, will be OPI!

Chat later!

  • Liz

LF – Luxe Fragments Limited Edition

KJC – Kylie Jenner Collection

Porcelain – Limited Edition Porcelain Matte

Book Review: Forever Summer by Alyson Noel

hey guys! Today is wednesday so that means another book review. The book I’m going to share with you is Forever Summer by Alyson Noel. It has two books in one and I will share a little bit about both below.



Laguna Cove: I flew through this one real quick. It’s basically about a girl named Anne, whose parents got a divorce and now she’s going to live with her dad for a while in California. She arrives and doesn’t know what to do. She ends up meeting a few girls and guys at her new school, Lola, Ellie, Jade, Chris…there may be a few others. They are all into surfing when Anne is used to diving. Throughout her time, she decides to learn to surf and Chris teaches her. She starts to feel feelings for Chris but then she feels like Ellie doesn’t agree with it. In the end, it all works out.

Personally, it was an okay book. I feel like it’s for teens not so much young adults but I enjoyed it. The one thing that I didn’t like was the chapters..every other page was the start of a new chapter..kind of annoying.

Cruel Summer: This was also a quick read. It’s centered around a girl named Colby who’s parents also are going through a divorce but they send her away to her Aunt Tally’s on a small island for the summer. She hates living there because it’s so basic, white everything. She ends up finding a place to hang out everyday and starts a blog to stay in touch with friends back home. She also ends up meeting a boy and finds out that everyone on the island is basically family and finds out all secrets. In the end, she learns so much about herself and doesn’t want to leave the island.

It’s hard to describe the book without giving too many details because there wasn’t much to each book. They both tend to go on and on.

Overall, both books were good quick reads. I’m not sure if I would read them again being that they were slightly boring.

Let me know your opinion if you have read it!

Chat later.

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