Nails #3

It’s finally starting to feel more and more like Summer around here so I wanted to bust out a pretty pink! I played it simple this time though.

I took Sinful Colors: Pink of Me and painted all but my ring finger. I love this color because it’s not a bright pink and not a dark pink, it’s just in the middle of pinks. Then I took Essies: No Place like Chrome for my ring finger..I topped it off with Sinful Colors: Queen of Beauty for the glitter. IMG_2043

That’s it for this post, I hope you have a great day! Chat later!

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DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs & Stepping Stones

I told you all that I would share a few of my DIY garden decor projects I did, well here’s 2! 

DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs: I gathered up 8 golf balls and 8 small bathroom cups to sit them in to dry. You’ll need red, white, and black craft paint too! I painted one side red then sat it in the cup for about 30 minutes and then painted the other side. After another 30 minutes I took a Q-tip, dipped in the black paint and made dots long with a line to connect the face. Lastly, I took another Q-tip, dipped in the white to make eyeballs and then took a toothpick for the pupils. Done! It took me about an hour and half to complete it from start to finish.  

DIY Stepping Stones: I went to the local hardware store with my dad and got some mortar..then I got some tin pie pans and imitation sea glass at Walmart. We mixed up a bucket of mortar and poured half into each tin pan. I pushed the sea glass down into each one a little but don’t apply to much pressure. After that I let them dry over night and then for a few more hours the next day, so roughly 18-20 hours. I popped them out and placed in them my flower bed. They turned out great! 




Long Overdue April Favorites

Here we are almost 2 weeks into May and I’m just doing my April favorites, haha! 

This month I haven’t tried really anything new so this are mainly things I’ve already mentioned or long time favorites.

Nutra Nail Strengthener & Speed Dry Top Coat: Lately, these 2 polishes have been my go-to base coat and top coat. I’ve been trying to get my nails stronger and longer so the strengthener is definitely helping with that. When it comes to top coats for me, a lot are hit or miss. I want something that’s going to dry my nails quickly and this has been doing the trick.IMG_1911.jpg

Sinful Colors “Cheshire China”: I was never really into light nail colors beside Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple” but this polish totally changed that for me. I’m in love with this color! It’s the prettiest light purple I’ve seen. It’s also perfect for the springtime. It is a matte polish but I wear it shiny do to a shine top coat. Need to get a matte top coat, any recommendations? IMG_0470

Essie’s ” Lounge Lover”: I’ve been looking for like pretty orange color but yet leans to a coral but pink color and I found it! This is so pretty and I can’t wait to pair it with a teal polish!


Bath and Body Works “Beautiful Day” Ulta Shea Body Cream: I love lotions that have a fruity smell to them especially if they have an apple fragrance in them like this one. I know it says body cream but it’s my go-to hand cream!





St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer: I decided I finally needed to get a face moisturizer during the winter when my skin was dry. So while I was at Walmart once I picked this up and it does the trick. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who has oily skin because it does leave your face feeling a bit greasy until it all soaks in but other than that it’s great. (Sorry for no picture)

What was one of your April favorites?

Chat later!

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Nail Art #3

I’ll promise to you this will be the last nail are post for a while or at least a few weeks! I’m trying to get them all out of the way, so I can post about something other things. I’m thinking about blogging a little bit about me trying to ‘garden’..I have to admit I may kill a few plant but only on accident. I’m trying to get better at that hobby. 

So this post is basically the same as the last nail art..same design but different colors and I thought I would share. When the OPI Hello Kitty Collection came out I really wanted to get “charmy & sugar” but my Ulta didn’t have any in stock so I stuck with “Super Cute in Pink” so I paired it with Sinful Colors “Gold Medal”. Both colors look great together and I love how they look with the design, too. You can look back on the last post to figure out how to do it.



Just wanted to share! Let me know if you got any of the Hello Kitty collection!

Chat later!

  • Liz



Nail Art #2

Coming at you with another nail polish post..soon they will be all done for a little while. I decided I’ll start numbering them rather than saying new nail art or something like that. I’ve been behind on my posting and I’m trying to catch up. 

So a few weeks ago, I was on Pinterest and saw a design that caught my eye and I had to try it. I grabbed, “Sinful Colors: Sail La Vie & Essie’s: Petal Pushers” from my collection and went to work.


All I needed was 2 coats of sail la vie and then I grabbed some thin nail tape. I ordered my off amazon and I got 30 little rolls! I place 2 to make a triangle and then the other 2 to make an ‘x’ at the bottom (hopefully that makes sense). I used 1 coat of petal pushers and then peeled the tape off. I put on a top coat and done!

Chat later!

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Lounge Lover..

I just recently picked up another Essie polish in the color “Lounge Lover” and I gave it a shot. I wanted something that had a orange and pink hue and was bright for Spring.

I used it on all my nails but my ring fingers. I decided to do an accent nail so I used Sinful Colors “Gold Medal” along with “Twilight Twinkles” for some glitter!


All I ended was 2 coats of lounge lover and 2 coats coats of gold medal, and I was set. It’s a really pretty color for spring and I’ll probably use a few times this summer as well.

If you have any suggestions on Essie polishes I should try, let me know!

Chat later!

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