DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs & Stepping Stones

I told you all that I would share a few of my DIY garden decor projects I did, well here’s 2! 

DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs: I gathered up 8 golf balls and 8 small bathroom cups to sit them in to dry. You’ll need red, white, and black craft paint too! I painted one side red then sat it in the cup for about 30 minutes and then painted the other side. After another 30 minutes I took a Q-tip, dipped in the black paint and made dots long with a line to connect the face. Lastly, I took another Q-tip, dipped in the white to make eyeballs and then took a toothpick for the pupils. Done! It took me about an hour and half to complete it from start to finish.  

DIY Stepping Stones: I went to the local hardware store with my dad and got some mortar..then I got some tin pie pans and imitation sea glass at Walmart. We mixed up a bucket of mortar and poured half into each tin pan. I pushed the sea glass down into each one a little but don’t apply to much pressure. After that I let them dry over night and then for a few more hours the next day, so roughly 18-20 hours. I popped them out and placed in them my flower bed. They turned out great! 





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