Tulips & Daffodils

Hey guys! It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted, I’ve been meaning to but I have been a little busy. Me & my mom opened an Etsy shop together, I have been focusing on getting that setup and everything. We’ve also been having some great weather so I got out and enjoyed it..did some yard work, planted flowers and just hung around with family. But since yesterday, the weather has been hot, at least to me as I don’t like or do good in hot weather..we reached 87 degrees yesterday and 84 degrees today! Ugh, I’m over Summer already. Yesterday was also a terrible day for me, besides the heat..I just recently got a new phone and the screen shattered..I accidentally drop it, even with a case..I suspect the heart may have had a little affect on it being it was so warm. So, bear with me on my photos until I receive a new phone thank goodness for protection plans!

Anyhow, I thought I would share some pictures of my Spring flowers that bloomed over the past few weeks/months. They were very pretty but didn’t last too long because the weather was acting crazy..and it frosted. They came up in March when normally they don’t until May..ugh Mother Nature, get your head together!

Lots of photos. I love taking pictures of them though and using them as wallpapers for my computer & phone.

I hope you all enjoyed this post & I brought some happiness to your day. Chat later!

  • Liz

Gardening – Growing My Own Herbs

Hey guys! Today’s post is a little different than I normally post but I like to garden & grow things. Last year I tried to go them and half didn’t grow..so I’m trying again this year!

The container I purchased to grow them in came with small round dirt pellets that expand when water is added. There were 72 in total and I filled them all.


I have 2 rows of Basil, 2 rows of Parsley, 2 rows of Oregano, 2 rows of Chives, 1 row of Spearmint, 1 row of Rosemary, and 2 rows of Lavender..I didn’t know if they will all going to grow since last year I had so much trouble so I planted more.

So far within the first week, The basil, oregano, and chives all came up. The parsley & rosemary came up with a week and a half. The one lavender has popped up within 2 weeks. The only one that has shown no signs yet is the spearmint, I’m hoping it comes up soon!

I’ve been searching pinterest a lot for ideas of how to use herbs..certain ones like rosemary & lavender help keep mosquitoes down I believe. The basil, parsley, and oregano I’m learning to cook with. Spearmint is pretty to smell. I just have a huge variety and I may start growing some more as I bought another tray.

If you have any tips or tricks when growing herbs, feel free to share them in the comments.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Oriental Lilies & Black Eyed Susans

I just wanted to brighten everyones day by sharing a few photos of some flowers that popped up in my garden this summer!

About 2 years ago, I bought some Oriental Lilies and once they died, I thought I’m going to try and transplant them into my flower garden. Sure enough, they have been coming up ever since. They were so bright and beautiful this year, I had to share! I’m not positive on what kind they are exactly so that’s why I’m saying Oriental.

Lastly, every year in my flower garden I have tons of Black Eyed Susans come up and this year they came up every where, even in the middle of the yard. They are just bright and simple. To me, they even remind me a little of sunflowers.

I hope I was able to brighten your day a little. Chat later!

  • Liz

Growing Herbs

One of my resolutions this year was to try and garden more and grow herbs! 

I grabbed rosemary, lavender, parsley, basil, and cat grass (how could I leave my cats out, haha) seed packets from the store. I also got some pink, yellow, and purple spray paint too. I saved 5 soup cans to use as planters.

I started off my painting 2 cans each pink and purple then 1 yellow. Next, was adding dirt..I ended up getting it right out of the ground..using what the earth has provided. Then I planted my seeds and labeled them.

They’ve been planted from about a week or more and they are doing good! I’ve been watering them everyday because it’s really dry here in Michigan now..ugh.

Here’s what they look like! The cat grass seeds just recently started popping up through the dirt so I may have to add a little on top to cover them. Everything looks to be coming up though especially the basil, I’m so happy!

Chat later!

  • Liz

Candy Corn Flowering Plant & Etc.

I thought I would share a few pictures of my tulips that blossomed this year along with a new plant that I found at my local flower shop called a Candy Corn Plant. 

I planted 3 different colors of tulips..not sure of names that they are called.

They turned out so pretty and so photogenic this year! I can’t really pick a favorite because they are all pretty! The pink ones were the tallest and last to bloom. They lasted for quite a few weeks which I was surprised!

Now the candy corn plant I found is suppose to get 8ft long or tall. It’s a vine plant but hasn’t gotten to big yet. The flowers are the coolest part because they are similar to the candy corn coloring. This plant likes hot temperatures and loves the sun. I had it inside but then it started to dry up so I moved it outside. Here’s what it looks like along with the first flower!

Just thought I would share my flowers with you & hope you enjoyed them!

  • Liz


I’ve got an obsession with sunflowers, I love them! I ended up getting my parents to redo their kitchen into a sunflower theme, haha.

This year, I decided I’m going to finally try and grow some. I got 2 different seed packets, One type is called Mammoth and the other is Pike’s Peak. I got the mammoth ones growing in a flower pot and the other’s I just planted in the ground a week or so ago.

The ones in the pot took about a week to start growing and here’s what they looked like a month ago & then what they look like now!

The Pike’s Peak ones are just starting to come up through the ground and here’s a photo of what one looks like. They are suppose to get 15 feet tall! That would be amazing. I ended up planting the remaining Mammoth ones in the ground too.


I believe the Pikes Peak ones are on the bottom and the Mammoth ones are on top but I could be wrong, haha. 

I’ll keep you’ll updated on their growth. Chat later!

  • Liz

Growing Parsley!

About a month ago I started growing some different herbs and flowers. I thought I would do a post about how growing parsley has been.

I planted the seeds about a month ago in a smallish pot which turned out perfect. They took a week to start popping through the soil and then they grew like crazy! Here’s a then & now picture to show the progress.

I haven’t cut any off quite yet but plan to soon and use in it a pasta dish. It’s just so bushy now and the leaves are pretty good size. I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t kill it, haha!

If you have any tips that you want to share for growing parsley, feel free to comment them..I’ll try them.

Chat later!

  • Liz