Expanded: Get to Know Me!

In my first post, I shared bits and pieces about me and I thought I would expand a little more. I think the easiest way would be to list each thing and give a brief summary. 

High School Graduation: I ended up switching from traditional high school to an online program that was offered in my district in 2012..I was in 9th grade. With this program you got to go at your own pace..I flew threw it. I ended up graduating 15 months later in 2014!

Scoliosis Surgery: In the Spring of 2011, I started having quite a bit of back pain and just soreness. I ended up having to go see an orthopedic surgeon and was signed up for surgery in August 2011. That was the worst summer I’ve had..I had to spend it getting ready to have major surgery and working out things with my school. The surgery was by far the most painful thing I have ever dealt with. I have 2 rods and 25 screws in my back. I ended up missing the first 3 months of schools and couldn’t do a lot..laying in bed was my favorite.

Ups & Downs: Since I switched out of traditional school to online, I lost a lot of friends right away. I tried to text and talk with them but they just ignored me. I wondered what I did wrong..I couldn’t help that I had to switch out of school. Being in traditional high school after having back surgery was hard..that’s the reason I switched. I’ve become very independent since plus I’m an only child so it was difficult not having friends around. I always thought positive about it. They must not have been true friends because true friends are always there for you! I’m also shy which is hard when trying to make friends.

Passions: Once I graduated high school, I became more into painting my nails and doing nail art. I looked into the different brands and expanded my collection A TON! I currently own over 100 polishes, probably getting close to 200..ekk! I’m also trying to get more into makeup, I’m sticking to drugstore for now and getting to know the different brands.

College: I would like to start college this fall if everything works out. I plan on going to an online college because that’s what I prefer. I want to get a degree in finance! Something has always caught my eye with it.

I would love to get to know you guys a little more too! Feel free to share somethings below!

Chat later!

  • Liz





Revealed 2 Palette!

 I want to apologize for the lighting! I’m trying to figure out how to get the lighting to work properly! 

I purchased the Revealed 2 Palette just shortly after it came out..I want to say 1-2 years ago. A couple things made me buy it. 1: I was wanting to branch out of the browns and try some blush colors and some that were out of the box. 2: It wasn’t too expensive..I got it for  $9.95! 3: It had 20 shadows.


I had never heard of the brand coastal scents so I was a little hesitate but I gave it a shot. I would say you get 8 matte shadows and 12 shimmer shadows which is pretty good! I swatched 1, 3, 9, 14, & 17!

IMG_1350.jpg                      IMG_1353.jpg

Pros: Shadows have good pigmentation- even the light colors are pigmented nicely!, Applies well- you don’t have to dip it in several times, Good color variety- 20 shadows! Price is amazing- $19.95 for 20 shadows!

Cons: Packaging isn’t the greatest- I don’t care for the cardboard type packaging, Fallout- there is fallout and it can be a little messy, No mirror- I don’t really care if there’s a mirror or not but if I was in a hurry it would be convenient

Overall, I love this palette and I’m glad I purchased it. I plan on getting the others as well. Let me know if you have tried this & you thoughts.

Chat later!

  •  Liz


New Polish…Pink Nails!

Sorry for all the recent nail posts but lately, I’ve been painting them a lot..trying out new ones and different designs.

In this post I’m going to share a really pretty pink shiny and creamy color. This one is from Sally Hansen Insta-Dri..called Pumped Up Pink. When in the light you get a few shades of pink in it. All I needed was 2 coats & that was it. I didn’t have any chipping with this polish but I only had it on for about 4-5 days. The price was around $3 to $4 dollars which isn’t bad. I picked this up in the valentines day gift section but I’m guessing it’s a normally color from Sally Hansen because it does not say limited edition.


In the end, I really love this color and will definitely be wearing it in the spring & summer!

Let me know how you liked this polish or if your going to try it. Chat later!

  • Liz

Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette

Tonight I thought I would share with you another eyeshadow palette. A few posts back I shared with you the wet n wild new one..this time it’s Maybelline!

I’m not quite sure when these came out but I don’t think it was too long ago. I picked it right up because I thought it was something sorta up my alley. I’m not one for blush tone colors but my goal this year was to branch out a little..I’m normally all browns. Anyway let’s get on to the review.



You get 12 colors total. I want to say you get 5 mattes and 7 shimmers. I prefer shimmers over mattes but it’s nice to have some.

I did swatch 3 for you guys..they are 1, 5, and 7! They aren’t the greatest swatches but it will do.


So..the pros & cons!

Pros: Packaging is great, Good variety of colors, Lightweight, Some colors have good pigmentation.

Cons: Pigmentation is not the best..the white or creme shade isn’t very pigmented either is the pink, this does have a lot of fallout.

As you can see I do have favorite colors in this palette. They are basically the bottom row! I really would love to use the 1st one but it’s just not pigmented enough.

I hope you enjoyed my review on this & let me know your thoughts on it if you’ve tried it.

Chat later!

  • Liz







February 14th’s Nails

Hello all! I was going to share my Valentine’s day nails with you but never took a picture! I ended up keeping it pretty simple though. I used OPI’s, lucky lucky lavender on all fingers & then I used Sinful Colors’s, Flower Power which is a crelly I believe. It has a pinkish color but not thick it enough for total coverage..it also has a bunch of glitters! All different sizes of pink and white glitter..perfect for valentines. I ended up putting this on my ring, index and thumb nails.

So valentines night, I said okay..let’s change the polish now. I ended up choosing a darker color this time but wanted some design that was simple. I choose Essie’s, Smokin’ Hot & Nicole by OPI’s, The Next CEO. I painted all my nails with the essie polish…then used nail tape on my ring & middle finger to make 2 lines one vertical and one horizontal and then painted the OPI polish over them..peeled the tape off and wa-la!


If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask.

Chat later!

  • Liz


St Patricks Day Nail Polish

Valentines is over now were moving onto St Patricks Day! I went to the store and looked at the nail aisle to see if anything was new. Sure enough, they had some new polish in the sinful colors brand. They looked like spring colors to me but they also had a shamrock one for St Patricks Day! I had to pick it up and I grabbed a glittery green one too.

The first one is called “Green Ocean”. The color is a greenish/teal color with glitter that shines rainbow colors. I would say it’s a jelly polish because it has a little bit of color to the base but not much.


The second one is called “Feeling Lucky?”. This one has a clear base and the glitters are small dark green glitters, a little bit bigger lime green glitters, and gold shamrocks! It’s just a glitter top coat I would say.


I swatched the colors on paper to show you what they look like.


Let me know if you picked these up or are you going. Chat Later!

  • Liz


Book Suggestion

One thing I didn’t mention is I am an avid reader..I go through stages where I like to read but then months later I hate it, but for the New Year I told myself I’m going to stick to it!

I came across a book by Sadie Robertson called Live Original..this book is so amazing! She talks about how to deal with certain situations and how you should approach them, she gives you positive quotes and bible verses that you can memorize or like me I wrote them down on my phone. When I’m upset or being negative about something, I turn to those and realize just to breath and let it go because it happened and I can’t go back to fix whatever it was. Her book is inspiring..to me it makes you feel like yourself and inspires you to do better each day. Ever since I’ve read her book I think I’m more of a positive and happy person than I was before..I wasn’t always down or anything but if something bad happened or something didn’t go as planned I wouldn’t be happy and now I know just go with the flow.

I totally recommend this book to anyone! It’s directed more towards teens but I think anybody would enjoy reading it.

Let me know if you read it. Chat later!

  • Liz