Nail Art #3

I’ll promise to you this will be the last nail are post for a while or at least a few weeks! I’m trying to get them all out of the way, so I can post about something other things. I’m thinking about blogging a little bit about me trying to ‘garden’..I have to admit I may kill a few plant but only on accident. I’m trying to get better at that hobby. 

So this post is basically the same as the last nail art..same design but different colors and I thought I would share. When the OPI Hello Kitty Collection came out I really wanted to get “charmy & sugar” but my Ulta didn’t have any in stock so I stuck with “Super Cute in Pink” so I paired it with Sinful Colors “Gold Medal”. Both colors look great together and I love how they look with the design, too. You can look back on the last post to figure out how to do it.



Just wanted to share! Let me know if you got any of the Hello Kitty collection!

Chat later!

  • Liz




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