Long Overdue April Favorites

Here we are almost 2 weeks into May and I’m just doing my April favorites, haha! 

This month I haven’t tried really anything new so this are mainly things I’ve already mentioned or long time favorites.

Nutra Nail Strengthener & Speed Dry Top Coat: Lately, these 2 polishes have been my go-to base coat and top coat. I’ve been trying to get my nails stronger and longer so the strengthener is definitely helping with that. When it comes to top coats for me, a lot are hit or miss. I want something that’s going to dry my nails quickly and this has been doing the trick.IMG_1911.jpg

Sinful Colors “Cheshire China”: I was never really into light nail colors beside Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple” but this polish totally changed that for me. I’m in love with this color! It’s the prettiest light purple I’ve seen. It’s also perfect for the springtime. It is a matte polish but I wear it shiny do to a shine top coat. Need to get a matte top coat, any recommendations? IMG_0470

Essie’s ” Lounge Lover”: I’ve been looking for like pretty orange color but yet leans to a coral but pink color and I found it! This is so pretty and I can’t wait to pair it with a teal polish!


Bath and Body Works “Beautiful Day” Ulta Shea Body Cream: I love lotions that have a fruity smell to them especially if they have an apple fragrance in them like this one. I know it says body cream but it’s my go-to hand cream!





St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer: I decided I finally needed to get a face moisturizer during the winter when my skin was dry. So while I was at Walmart once I picked this up and it does the trick. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who has oily skin because it does leave your face feeling a bit greasy until it all soaks in but other than that it’s great. (Sorry for no picture)

What was one of your April favorites?

Chat later!

  • Li

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