Boring winter days..

Do you ever hate the boring, gloomy winter days? I’m a fan of winter, I love seeing it snow, I like days where you just stay in, but after a while it kinda gets boring. The weather lately has been stuck in the gloomy gloomy days..for the past week! No sun..just plain overcast. Clouds. Snow. Freezing Rain. Everything.

So in this post, I’m going to talk about what I do on these days. Normally, I sleep in! Why not? If you have nothing to do, sure do it. I’m mainly a night owl..not so much a morning person. I do everything at night..crafts, clean, laundry, read..everything! Even when I was in school I focused better on my schoolwork at night.

I love doing crafts during the winter. My favorite crafty thing to do right now is make wreaths..I have a huge collection. I also enjoy makes the room warm & cozy. What’s you favorite treat? I’ve got too many to name just one..peanut butter cookies, chocolate fudge brownies, no bake chocolate cookies, mmm! Another thing I enjoy doing is binge watching tv shows. Current favorites right now: Teen Mom, Baking shows of all sorts, DIY/Home Renovation shows, and of course Reality shows!

Well that it for today, chat later!

  • Liz

Get to know me.

Hello all! My name is Elizabeth but I go by Liz. I’m a high school graduate and soon to be a college student, hopefully this Fall/Winter. I’m a scoliosis survivor, had surgery August of 2011. I wasn’t your traditional high school graduate. I ended up graduating from an online program in my school district at the age of 15. Throughout the past few years, there have been a lot of ups & downs which has made me a positive yet independent girl. I’m a very shy girl which means I’m not a very social person. I have a passion for painting my nails and I’m into makeup..not the high-end products just drugstore. I’m an animal lover and have had numerous pets through the years.

I’m hoping by making this blog I will be able to share my positive side with people, share my passions and hobbies, be more social and just take you along the road of life.

Chat later!

  • Liz