Nail Polish Haul – Sinful Colors

Hi guys! I know I have said time and time again that I need to stop purchasing nail polish, but Sinful Colors came out with some new ones! I just couldn’t resist. I also went to my local Walgreens too, which normally I don’t and I found a few that weren’t at meijer!

IMG_0873Before I get into the colors, I finally found the sinful color’s base coat. I have been looking around and could only find the regular clear coat. I have already used it a handful of times and I love it. I also saw their hardener top coat and I thought I grab it..turns out I grabbed the top shine instead. It works pretty good also..but let it dry for like 20 minutes before touching anything.

Now onto the colors.


Deep End – I believe this is part of their permanent collection  but it’s the first  time I saw it. It’s a really pretty blue with shimmers of aqua and purple. Look for a nail post soon!

Lie-Lac – I’m getting more into pastel colors since it’s almost spring and I noticed I don’t have a regular light purple from Sinful I grabbed this one! I also believe this part of their permanent collection.

Works Like A Charm – This a new polish for St Patricks Day this year! It’s part of the “Luck for Stylish’ collection. It’s a light pastel green with gold shimmer.


Tealing Power – This is from a new line also called ‘Desert Divas’..I only found this at Walgreens so far. It’s suppose to have a stoned crystal look with shimmer. It’s a really pretty teal, with small glitter pieces through out.

Desert Reign – This is a part of the same collection that I mentioned above. The color is unique to’s a dark blush pink but has sort of a purple tint maybe? It also has the small glitter pieces to make it look like stoned crystal.

That’s my haul for this month..unless I buy more. I’m hoping not to for a little while, but if you see one that I desperately need out there, let me know!

Chat later!

  • Liz

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