Week 11: Polka-Dots – #31DC2017Weekly

Hi guys! I’m back for my last week of catch up on the #31DC2017Weekly manicure challenge! After this post, I will be on the correct week as everyone else doing this challenge…this week was Polka-Dots.

I started off using Rise & Shine by Sinful Colors. I rarely use this color for some use but I think it’s very pretty and right up my alley. It does have some blue/green shimmer to it too.

For the polka-dots, I decided to go in a pattern instead of all over. I used to different sized dotting tools for the look. Colors I used were: French White Creme by Wet n Wild & Gold Medal by Sinful Colors.


This manicure looked great until I put a top coat on. I guess I didn’t give it long enough to dry and I got texture marks on them.

Overall, I looked the way it looked besides the texture marks and smudges which are a bummer. What’s your thoughts on this manicure?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Week 10: Gradient Nails -#31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! It’s been almost a week since I have posted but I’m back for Week 10 of the #31DC2017Weekly manicure challenge..I will be caught up hopefully at the end of this week, finally!

I started off my painting all my nails using Petal Pushers by Essie. I typically don’t reach for my Essie polishes anymore but I’m trying to start again. I love this gray color because at times it has a purplish hue.

I’ve only done a gradient look a few times so this was a little tricky..even though it looks easy. I wanted to go for sunset colors so I used: YOLO Yellow by Sinful Colors, Lounge Lover by Essie, & Lavender Creme by Wet n Wild. I had to reapply several times..because I should have used white base! I wasn’t thinking very clear at all with this manicure.

I think it still looks great being that I’ve only done it a few times and could still use practice! What’s your thoughts?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Week 3: Yellow Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t been keeping up on my posts..but I’m back for Week 3’s manicure. I am still a few weeks behind but I getting there. Yellow nails was the prompt..I am also not a huge yellow fan but I was willing to work with it. What turned out great was, I recently discovered a new Sinful Colors collection that had a neon yellow…perfect for this week!

I choose to use Sinful Colors Out In Space..it’s a bright neon yellow BUT make sure you buy the white base that goes with this line or it won’t be neon. I plan to make another post about this collection, stay tuned. Anyhow, I applied it to all my nails.

Coming up with a design/nail art for this week was tricky..I had way too many ideas but then I thought I’m going to give watermarbling a shot. I’ve never had real good luck with watermarbing, so any tips would be great! I used Wet n Wild’s French White Creme & Black Creme. It didn’t turn out as bad as it could have but they weren’t what I wanted. Good enough though! I will get better over time and more practice. I did place striping tape in random order over my nail before watermarbling.

I really liked the manicure though besides the watermarbling, the yellow is so bright!

What’s your thoughts? Chat later!

  • Liz

Nails #52 – Pinterest Inspired

I know today I would normally post a book review but I’ve been slacking on my reading lately..bummer but I hope to get back at it soon. 

Hey guys! Today’s nail post is inspired by a mani I saw on Pinterest. I normally browse through pinterest when I need a boost..and this time it worked. Here’s the link for it and they even give you a rundown of each step..but I will tell you what I did also.


I decided not to do the designs on all my nails just my middle & ring nails. SO, to start I painted my thumb, index, and pinky nails with Sinful Colors Kurtain Kall (part of the Kylie Jenner Collection). This is a pretty blue with gold shimmer..and semi-matte.

Next, I painted my middle & ring nails with Wet n Wild’s French White Creme..this is my go-to white. I took Kurtain Kall and made half a triangle across the top and right side of my middle nail..left side for my ring nail (hope that explains it). Lastly, I took Sinful Colors Gold Medal and made a half triangle on the lower portion each nail..you want the white part that’s showing to look like a whole triangle, make sense? I hope!

I topped my nails with my Revlon Matte Top Coat. This mani was pretty easy and simple to do. What’s your thought?

Chat later!

  • Liz


Nails #51 – Mint Green Striped Nails

Hey guys! I’m back to share another nail look that I was rocking..this happens to be one of my favorites!

I started off by using Mint Chip by Sinful Colors (part of the Kandee Johnson collection) on all nails but my ring nails. This is just a pretty mint green..reminds me so much of mint chip ice cream, haha. It applies great and the opacity is fantastic. Also, it dries matte but I applied a shine top coat.

Next, I painted my ring nails using Wet n Wild’s French White Creme. This is just a simple white..you do have to apply 2 coats, maybe three if you use thin coats.

I pulled out my striping tape and applied 4 strips vertically on my middle nails and 4 strips horizontally on my ring nails. I wanted to go with a black and white theme sort of so I used Wet n Wild’s Black Creme on my ring nails and French White Creme on my middle nails. Then peeled the tape off and wa-la! I did have a little goof-up when removing the tape on my ring nail and it kinda sets my OCD off but I wasn’t about to redo it.


What are your thoughts on this look?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Nail Polish Collection Part 5: Wet N Wild

Hey guys! Wow, part 5 already. If you haven’t already noticed I’ve broken down the parts by brand/maker instead of color. This week I’m sharing my Wet n Wild collection. Let’s go!

Pinks & Orange 

dreamy poppy – medium coral pink

lavender cream – medium/dark pink

blazed – peachy orange



who is ultra violet? – medium violet

Blue & Green 

putting on airs – light baby blue

be more pacific – dark aqua


White & Black

french white creme – white

black creme – solid black


kaleidoscope – holographic glitter


As you can tell I don’t own that many from Wet n Wild..I think the polishes are great just I just don’t like the brush, it’s hard for me to handle being that the top is squarish.

Chat later!

  • Liz

St Patricks Day Nails!

Hey guys! I planned on getting this post the day before St Patricks day but it just didn’t happen..so here it is sooner than later.

IMG_0908I decided that I wanted most of my nails gold instead of green, so I grabbed Sinful Colors Gold Medal and applied it on my thumb, index, and pinkie nails.This happens to be my favorite and go-to gold polish. It’s not too shiny and not too dull. It always applies and holds well. When I thought I was finished..I wasn’t. I went on and applied Sinful Colors Feeling Lucky? glitter coat over the gold nails. This came out last year but I saw it also this year but I believe the green glitters where light green this year. It has shamrock glitters in it but I didn’t reach for any this time.
My middle nail didn’t turn out actually as pictured in my mind but close enough. For my base color I used Pure Ice’s Free Spirt..this is just a darker green, its applies well also. Next I took Wet n Wild’s Black Creme and swiped a line across my nail to make a belt. Then took Gold Medal brushed it off real good to make a belt buckle. This part was a little sloppy-er than I hoped but I wasn’t going to redo it.

I LOVE the way my ring nail came out..for once something turned out the way I hoped. I started with Wet n Wild’s French White Creme for a base. Next I took all the colors of a rainbow (I’ll list the ones I used below) and swiped a line or so of each until the nail was covered from bottom to top. It’s looks really pretty.

Red – Sinful Colors Folly, Orange – Revlon Sorbet, Yellow – Sinful Colors Pull Over, Green – Pure Ice Free Spirt, Blue – Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Purple – Sally Hansen Purple Craze

I ended up where this mani a few day after St. Patricks day because I loved the rainbow nail so much. I’m definitely going to try it again in the future but with fewer colors!

Chat later!

  • Liz