A New Hobby!

I decided to try out a new hobby of making necklaces. I’m starting out easy and then I’m hoping to make must-strand ones with different lengths etc.

I wanted to share a few necklaces that I’ve made in the past few weeks and months. I get all my supplies from craft stores near me.

3 Strand Necklaces: I’ve made 5 of these with a variety of different colors as you can see. They are pretty easy to make like I said before. I normally turn on a tv show and sit and string beads for 2 hours or more. I normally end up buying 2-3 different colors to pair together to make a necklace. I end up half the container..not sure exactly how many beads exactly or the ounces.

4 Strand Necklace: This is the only one of made with 4 strands to me I prefer an odd number for necklaces, not sure why. I had extra turquoise but not enough to make a 5 strand so I ended up with 4!


I just wanted to share my new hobby with you all and hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of my recent work.

Have a great day!

  • Liz

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