Nails #55 – Sinful Colors & Indie Polish

Hi guys! Today’s manicure is pretty simple but I loved it. It felt spring to me & that’s what I was going for.


The main color I used was Island Coral by Sinful Colors. I never really drawn to this color but I have used it a few times lately and I’m warming up to it. In the bottle, it looks like a coral with a pale-ness to my eyes. Once you apply it though, it turns to like a peachy pink which I like. It applied very well and looked smooth.

I wanted a glitter accent nail, so I used a mystery Christmas polish that I got from indie brand. It’s made up of fine micro glitters that make it very shimmery & glisten in the light! The polish applied well but I had to use 3 coats to get the glitter to look opaque which is expected.


Overall, like I mentioned before I love this manicure! Sometimes, it just nice to have something simple but cute.

Chat later! & if I don’t write a post before Happy Easter to all who observe it!

  • Liz

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