Easter Nails!

Hello all! I hope you had a Happy Easter! I just stuck at home with family and really enjoyed it. I also did a little Easter manicure nothing too crazy but very spring like.


I went with all pastel polishes for this mani. I started off by painting my thumb nails in Mint Chip, index nails in Candy Hearts, middle nails in Lie-Lac, and pinky nails in Strawberry Milk. I will get to my ring nails in a minute. Next, I took some striping tape and divided the nails in half diagonally. I, then applied another color to the top half..I used Lie-Lac on my thumbs, Mint Chip on my indexes, Strawberry Milk on my middles, and Candy Hearts on my pinkies…man that was tough writing, haha.

For my ring nails, I started off by painting them white using French White Creme. Then I took striping tape and made 4 sections. I applied Mint Chip on the bottom, then Candy Hearts, then Lie-lac, and last Strawberry Milk. Wa-la!

All the pastels were by Sinful Colors..all but Lie-Lac part of the Kandee Johnson collection. I believe this is the last mani for a little while where I will be using them..time to branch off. French White Creme is by Wet n Wild.

What’s your thoughts on this simple Easter manicure?

Chat later!

  • Liz

2 thoughts on “Easter Nails!

  1. I love how your Easter mani turned out! I’m about to post my mani(s) for Easter… and well, they’re rotten eggs. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do, but the eggecution (haha couldn’t help myself) was a miss, oh well!

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