Gardening – Growing My Own Herbs

Hey guys! Today’s post is a little different than I normally post but I like to garden & grow things. Last year I tried to go them and half didn’t I’m trying again this year!

The container I purchased to grow them in came with small round dirt pellets that expand when water is added. There were 72 in total and I filled them all.


I have 2 rows of Basil, 2 rows of Parsley, 2 rows of Oregano, 2 rows of Chives, 1 row of Spearmint, 1 row of Rosemary, and 2 rows of Lavender..I didn’t know if they will all going to grow since last year I had so much trouble so I planted more.

So far within the first week, The basil, oregano, and chives all came up. The parsley & rosemary came up with a week and a half. The one lavender has popped up within 2 weeks. The only one that has shown no signs yet is the spearmint, I’m hoping it comes up soon!

I’ve been searching pinterest a lot for ideas of how to use herbs..certain ones like rosemary & lavender help keep mosquitoes down I believe. The basil, parsley, and oregano I’m learning to cook with. Spearmint is pretty to smell. I just have a huge variety and I may start growing some more as I bought another tray.

If you have any tips or tricks when growing herbs, feel free to share them in the comments.

Chat later!

  • Liz

2 thoughts on “Gardening – Growing My Own Herbs

  1. Best of luck! My husband & I both love to garden, but live in a condo building where space is very limited & our current place has too many bugs who (we believe) eat up the seeds before they can germinate! This has never happened to either of us before but we’re having the hardest time getting plants to grow, survive, etc. Rosemary is also great for circulation, so I use it in my hair rinses & know people who add to lotions, etc.

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    • Thank you, I can definitely use it. So far, everything continues to be growing good. I, thankfully live in the country so space isn’t an issue but bugs can sometimes be pests, that’s for sure! I have never had an issue with them eating seeds though, that’s new to me. I’m keeping mine inside for right now until the weather stays warm. One issue I had last year was the summer sun was so hot it was baking the plants, ugh! Hope it doesn’t happen again this year. Thank you also for the rosemary tip, I did not know that.

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