Book Review – Paper Towns by John Green

Hey guys! Time for another book review..I’ve been whipping through books which is such a surprise to me. I’m just so into reading lately and I’m getting hooked into books quickly. Today I’m going to share my opinion on Paper Towns by John Greenimg_0640

I’ve had this book in my possession for so long but I never fully read it. I started it a few times and then just ditched it back on my shelf. I watched the movie about a year ago and I finally told myself I’m going to have to get around and read it. Surprisedly, I got hooked pretty quick this time!

It has a few characters in it, Quentin Jacobsen..he’s been trying to figure out a girl for some time..Ben Starling..also known as bloody ben, one of Quentin’s friends..Radar..another friend..Margo Roth Spiegelman..girl who Quentin wonders about..and Lacey..Margo’s best friend.

It all starts off one night when Margo who lives across the street from Quentin, climbs up to his window and needs him to drive her around so she can do some things. She caught her boyfriend cheating, if I remember right and she wanted to get back at him but didn’t tell Quentin that.

They end up spending the whole night out, Spray painting M’s on people’s cars, Leaving dead fish in cars, Sneaking into people’s houses..going into a bank and looking at the skyline and then breaking into Seaworld.

The next morning, Quentin woke up and went to school and noticed Margo’s car was not there..she wasn’t there for a week. One morning, he woke up went downstairs and found his parents talking to her parents along with a detective. Margo had runaway, this wasn’t the first time but her parents were tried of her running off. No-one had a clue where she went but Quentin wanted to find her..she always left clues too.

One day, Quentin noticed that her window shade was down and normally it wasn’t..there was also a poster hanging on it. He knew that was a clue. From then on he and his friends kept searching for clue after clue. Quentin even read books over and over again to get clues from it.

They ended up narrowing down that she was in a paper town. They went to many different locations of where she had once stopped but turned up short each time but each place had clues that helped them lead them to her.

They did it up finding her. She was okay.

That’s where I’m going to leave it at, I hate giving too many details but I want to give enough.

This was a great book but like I said it took me a few tries to finally get into it.

Have any book recommendations? Comment below!

Chat later!

  • Liz

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