Book Review: Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Hey guys! I’m back with a book review finally. It’s been awhile..I kind of slacked off a bit with my reading but I’m back on the train for a little while again. Today, I’m going to share my opinion on Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid.


Now, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve read this but I remember a good portion of this book..bare with me.

It starts off with us meeting a girl named Lelia. She has basically runaway from home for the summer and is going on a road-trip to see the northern lights. Along the way she meets 4 different people all in different scenarios but she comes to them right in their time of need.

She first meets Hudson. He works with his dad as a mechanic. Lelia ends up needing work done on her car when she winds up at Hudson’s shop. He gets working on her car, turns out liking her and talks her into letting him show her around Vicksburg, Mississippi..all night. Well, Hudson was suppose to be studying all night for college interview but that change when he was late the next morning. That left Lelia and Hudson on bad terms and she left.

Next, she met Bree. Bree was walking down the side of a highway basically running away from home as well. Lelia stopped her car and let Bree in. Lelia learned that Bree was having a rocky relationship with her sister and wanted to get away. Leila and Bree ended up doing very risky things and one landed them in jail. The only way for them to get bailed out was for Bree to call her sister. Peace was finally made and Lelia continued on her journey to the northern lights.

While driving through Minneapolis, Lelia came upon a figure in the middle of the road and nearly hit them. That’s when she met Elliot. He was going through rough time with a girl at prom. Him and Lelia ended up running all over town trying to track this girl down so Elliot could sing a song and confess his love to her..but it ended up turning all bad.

On her last stop, she met Sonia. This was a crazy adventure here. Sonia was sorta dating a guy named Jeremiah..but it was all a secret because she didn’t want her old boyfriend named Sam, family to be upset (he passed away). Sonia was suppose to be attending a wedding that her boyfriend was in..along with Sam’s sister. Sonia went to runaway from the wedding that’s when Lelia met her. Lelia and her were driving away..a long ways away back to the US from Canada..she was wearing Jeremiah’s tuxedo and the rings were in there. Leila and Sonia had to go back to Canada but neither had passports! They ended up getting there through a series of events..that ended up with Sonia & Jeremiah being able to be together after all.

Finally, after all the stops and friends that Lelia had met she made it to her destination. She went to a campground where she met another family that made her feel comfortable while being there. They had a daughter named Dee..she got real close with Lelia and they threw Lelia a birthday party because Lelia never remembered having one (her parents and sister both died in an accident). Dee got frustrated after the birthday party because it didn’t bring any memories back for Lelia and she ran away. After they found Dee..she pointed up and there were the northern lights, just for Lelia.

I really enjoyed this book and I was in tune the entire time! It was so hard to put down.

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Book Review: The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brain Selznick

Hey guys! I’m back with another book review..but this book is super quick. It’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brain Selznick. Let’s go.IMG_0941

More than 50% of this book is black and white pictures/illustrations that help tell the story. It is a 500 page book though but I still finished it within 2 days.

It happens to be about a boy named Hugo who lives in a train station. His father used to maintain and do maintenance on the clocks all the over the station but his father died in a now it’s just him. Hugo isn’t suppose to be living in the station alone, it’s total secret.

He doesn’t have money for food so he ends up stealing food and stealing from a toy maker/seller in the station. One day he gets caught by the man and he takes his notebook. That notebook was special to was his father’s and it has drawings for how to put together an automaton.

While walking outside the station one day, he noticed a girl up in the house where the old man lived. She came down and talked Hugo, he needed her to find the notebook..she sort of agreed too.

The next day when Hugo was in the station the old man, told him to start fixing the toys he had broken by stealing and maybe he would get the notebook back.

Throughout the book, the girl ends up finding the notebook..but then Hugo needed a key..the girl Isabella had the key around her neck so he stole it.

Between him and Isabella they end up getting the automaton working and it produces drawings..not a letter from his father like Hugo though it would.

At the end of the book, it turns out the draws the automaton produced were the old mans from movies that old man made but gave up on and never wanted them to be part of them again.

This was a very interesting book. I liked how the pictures told the story as well and not just all words. It’s a little tricky reviewing this book though be of the pictures..and I didn’t want to give much away because it’s a quick read.

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Book Review: Memoirs

Hi guys! Today’s post is going to be a little different than my typical book review..I’ve read 2 non-fiction or memoirs this past week or so and thought I would share my opinion but not really a ‘review’ on them.

  1. Raising a Soul Surfer by Cheri Hamilton & Rick Bundschuh: I love the movie Soul Surfer which is about Bethany Hamiltion. She is such an inspiration to me, being that we are sort of in the same boat. I was not attacked by a shark but I did have scoliosis surgery which limits me on what I can/cannot do..sort of similar to Bethany’s story. Anyhow, she is inspires me. I saw this book which was written by her mother and I had to read it. It’s basically a story that tells how Cheri (her mom) met her dad Tom, and all the struggles they went through in life and how God had helped them..and then she shared about the shark God helped strengthen them and get through. It was great book, very inspiring. We should never let our troubles outweigh us but sometimes we do.
  2. Happy Happy Happy by Phil Robertson & Mark Schlabach: I used to be a big fan of the tv show Duck Dynasty..I really got into because they are a really close knit family and have strong Christian beliefs. I’m trying to work on being a positive person and turn to God when things get rough. This book really inspired me also. I didn’t realize Phil and Kay had such a rocky relationship/marriage at first but it shows that when you work through your troubles and turn to God things will get better. Reading this also helped me realize that I want to re-explore the bible and re-connect with my past Christian beliefs.

These two books were amazing and so inspirational! I highly recommend them if you need a pick me up to show you that things may get rough but we can always work through them and grow with God’s help.

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Book Review: Messenger by Lois Lowry

Hi guys! Time for another book review, Today I’m sharing my opinion on ‘Messenger by Lois Lowry’. This is the 3rd book in the series (The Giver, Gathering Blue), I believe.img_0717

Overall I enjoyed it! The main characters are Matty & Ser. Matty is a carryover character from Gathering Blue and possibly the giver.

Matty now lives on the other side of the forest where the injured or deformed ones go. He got adopted into a house with a blind man named Ser.

Matty does a lot his new home, each person sort of has their own meaning and he delivers messages to the people and to the other side occasionally. He gets an order from the leader to go deliver messages to the other side saying the borders will be closing and no-one will be able to come across again.

Ser, turns out to have a daughter on the other side and sends Matty to get her. The forest can be very dangerous and can even kill you. Matty & the girl struggle to get through but with the help of Leader, they make it. Shortly after, Matty receives his real name.

This was so good. I like how the author carried characters over from the other books. There is one more in this series called Son which I hope to read soon.

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Book Review: If I Stay & Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Hi guys! Today is Wednesday, which is book review day! I’m going to be sharing my opinion on If I Stay & Where She Went by Gayle Forman. 

Mia is a cello player who lives with her mother and father along with little brother Teddy. It all began one morning when a huge snow storm hit and everything was closed. Her parents thought it would be a good time to go visit family friends..little did they all know their lives would change dramatically on that ride.

They got into a car accident and Mia was the only one that survived but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to live.

I really got hooked into this book was definitely a little odd at some points because her soul as I am going to put it was floating around the hospital while she was unconscious..seeing how things were turning out. The whole book she was mainly in the hospital..and then recovering but her soul was everywhere and no one knew it. She also had a boyfriend named Adam who was trying to convince her to stay and not leave them all but it was a hard decision to make.

She was having such a great life and then everything changed..could she still be the person she wanted to be without half of you family?

In Where She Went, it mainly focused on how her now ex-boyfriend Adam was doing since it had been 3 years since her accident. They were both far away from each other. She had become a cello star and he was continuing on in his band but it was getting to hard for him to continue with unanswered questions about Mia.

He ended up going to one of her performances..she knew he was there. After that moment, they went exploring NY for a night..all over doing random things together. After that one night, they realize they want each other again.

Both were great books but I felt the second was a little off since it focused on Adam and not Mia. It took me a little longer to get hooked but once I did I couldn’t stop.

I hope this review is good..they are both difficult books to explain.

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Book Review – Paper Towns by John Green

Hey guys! Time for another book review..I’ve been whipping through books which is such a surprise to me. I’m just so into reading lately and I’m getting hooked into books quickly. Today I’m going to share my opinion on Paper Towns by John Greenimg_0640

I’ve had this book in my possession for so long but I never fully read it. I started it a few times and then just ditched it back on my shelf. I watched the movie about a year ago and I finally told myself I’m going to have to get around and read it. Surprisedly, I got hooked pretty quick this time!

It has a few characters in it, Quentin Jacobsen..he’s been trying to figure out a girl for some time..Ben Starling..also known as bloody ben, one of Quentin’s friends..Radar..another friend..Margo Roth Spiegelman..girl who Quentin wonders about..and Lacey..Margo’s best friend.

It all starts off one night when Margo who lives across the street from Quentin, climbs up to his window and needs him to drive her around so she can do some things. She caught her boyfriend cheating, if I remember right and she wanted to get back at him but didn’t tell Quentin that.

They end up spending the whole night out, Spray painting M’s on people’s cars, Leaving dead fish in cars, Sneaking into people’s houses..going into a bank and looking at the skyline and then breaking into Seaworld.

The next morning, Quentin woke up and went to school and noticed Margo’s car was not there..she wasn’t there for a week. One morning, he woke up went downstairs and found his parents talking to her parents along with a detective. Margo had runaway, this wasn’t the first time but her parents were tried of her running off. No-one had a clue where she went but Quentin wanted to find her..she always left clues too.

One day, Quentin noticed that her window shade was down and normally it wasn’t..there was also a poster hanging on it. He knew that was a clue. From then on he and his friends kept searching for clue after clue. Quentin even read books over and over again to get clues from it.

They ended up narrowing down that she was in a paper town. They went to many different locations of where she had once stopped but turned up short each time but each place had clues that helped them lead them to her.

They did it up finding her. She was okay.

That’s where I’m going to leave it at, I hate giving too many details but I want to give enough.

This was a great book but like I said it took me a few tries to finally get into it.

Have any book recommendations? Comment below!

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Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Hey guys! Today is Wednesday so that means another book review, this it’s Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to read this. I thought it was a horror story..not even close. I didn’t read any reviews or anything, so I was going in blindsided.img_0639

Like I have mentioned in posts before, I’m still working at getting better at writing reviews.

You start off meeting a boy named Jacob, he thought he was just an average teenager until he saw ‘monsters’ kill his Grandfather.  His Grandfather, had started acting really strange but everyone just thought he was losing it but Jacob knew better.

He ended up discovering a place where he Grandfather lived and came from, I believe he was adopted. Well, this place turns into basically a deserted island where Jacob & his father visit.

As soon as Jacob arrived at the island, he wanted to explore. His dad on the other end wanted to explore for birds..something his dad did for a living. Jacob ended up finding 2 boys who were sorta willing to help him find the house where his Grandfather once lived with Miss Peregrine. The boys would only take him so far, so he finished going the rest of the way himself.

Once he discovers the house, it seems it be empty. Everyone that once lived in it were gone, so he went in and investigated. He thought maybe he could find photos or things that could relate to his Grandfather. He ended up finding a trunk that had to be filled with stuff but when he tried to open it, it fell through the floor into the basement.

He figured out how to go downstairs where the trunk had busted open and found photos. All the photos looked like ones his Grandfather had shown him. All of the sudden, he actually saw the children and was whipped away to another world.

Turns out that everyone that lived with his Grandfather were still alive and re-living the day in 1940 when the war was going on all over again. He met with Miss Peregrine & all the other peculiar children that were in the photographs.

After meeting with all the children, he learns that he is a peculiar child himself..and has to make the difficult decision of staying and living in the real world with his parents or staying with the peculiar children where he’s safe from the ‘monsters’.

Well, before too long..the monsters catch onto him. They end up turning Miss Peregrine back to a bird..and then Jacob and a few of the peculiar children have to work at getting her back.

I don’t want to give out too many details but there was so much going on in this book! I love it overall. I couldn’t put it down hardly at night and just wanted to keep reading till the next chapter.

There is a sequel called “Hollow City” which I want to purchase and read soon. If you read this book and wrote a review, let me know I would love to hear your opinion on it.

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