Nail Polish Haul – Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Collaboration

Hey guys! I finally was able to get my hands on some polishes from the Kandee Johnson line that Sinful Colors came out exciting. I found them at my local Meijer on clearance for .99 cents..such a deal! I’m guessing that your not going to be able to find many more so if you find them grab them. I saw on the website that there’s 2 different collections, Vintage Inspired & Urban Glam..7 in one and 12 in the other. I got 6 out of 7 in the first collection. Let’s go!


Candy Hearts – This color reminds me so much of blue cotton candy. It’s a plain pastel light blue which will be perfect for Spring & Easter manis. All the polishes are vintage matte..which is great because I’ve been loving matte nails lately.

Kanfetti – I bought this because I thought it would pair great with candy hearts. It’s a mash of white, pastel green, and blue different sized micro glitters.

Mint Chip – I couldn’t just not buy this because I love mint green..and the name is my favorite ice cream. It’s a pastel green with a little darker hue than normal also seems to have a gold shimmer in the light.


Pin Up Pink – I couldn’t forgot pink! This is just a simple pink is darker than a normal pink but I like it.

Strawberry Milk – I’m currently wearing this color right now & I love it. It’s a pretty light pastel pink..or baby pink. Reminds me so much of Spring & Easter..I wish it would hurry up. I like the name also but I can’t have strawberries or pure milk, haha.

Pink Velvet – At first when I arrived home I thought I bought to of the same polishes..but after swatching them I discover there was a difference. This one has a fine gold glitter in it which also leaves a texture to the polish once it’s dry. This one is also a tiny bit darker than Pin Up Pink.

Which ones were you able to get your hands on?

Chat later!

  • Liz



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