Tulips & Daffodils

Hey guys! It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted, I’ve been meaning to but I have been a little busy. Me & my mom opened an Etsy shop together, I have been focusing on getting that setup and everything. We’ve also been having some great weather so I got out and enjoyed it..did some yard work, planted flowers and just hung around with family. But since yesterday, the weather has been hot, at least to me as I don’t like or do good in hot weather..we reached 87 degrees yesterday and 84 degrees today! Ugh, I’m over Summer already. Yesterday was also a terrible day for me, besides the heat..I just recently got a new phone and the screen shattered..I accidentally drop it, even with a case..I suspect the heart may have had a little affect on it being it was so warm. So, bear with me on my photos until I receive a new phone thank goodness for protection plans!

Anyhow, I thought I would share some pictures of my Spring flowers that bloomed over the past few weeks/months. They were very pretty but didn’t last too long because the weather was acting crazy..and it frosted. They came up in March when normally they don’t until May..ugh Mother Nature, get your head together!

Lots of photos. I love taking pictures of them though and using them as wallpapers for my computer & phone.

I hope you all enjoyed this post & I brought some happiness to your day. Chat later!

  • Liz

Candy Corn Flowering Plant & Etc.

I thought I would share a few pictures of my tulips that blossomed this year along with a new plant that I found at my local flower shop called a Candy Corn Plant. 

I planted 3 different colors of tulips..not sure of names that they are called.

They turned out so pretty and so photogenic this year! I can’t really pick a favorite because they are all pretty! The pink ones were the tallest and last to bloom. They lasted for quite a few weeks which I was surprised!

Now the candy corn plant I found is suppose to get 8ft long or tall. It’s a vine plant but hasn’t gotten to big yet. The flowers are the coolest part because they are similar to the candy corn coloring. This plant likes hot temperatures and loves the sun. I had it inside but then it started to dry up so I moved it outside. Here’s what it looks like along with the first flower!

Just thought I would share my flowers with you & hope you enjoyed them!

  • Liz

Day 9!

What is your favorite flower? 

I actually have 2 that I love!! Tulips & Sunflowers. I love how tulips come in a variety of shades and just the way they are. I planted 40 bulbs last fall and hope to see them all come up! I’m not exactly sure how they became a favorite but I love them. Sunflowers came to be  my favorite because my old neighbor grew tall ones each summer and they are just so pretty and bright! I also found out that my grandpa always loved sunflowers and planted them..I never was able to met him and I’m glad I can carry that one. I brought some seeds that I can’t wait to plant in May.

What is your favorite flower?

Chat later!

  • Liz