Valentine’s Day Pinterest Ideas

Hey guys! I’ve been coming up with different ideas for posts and I haven’t done a Pinterest idea post in why not one for Valentine’s Day?

Gift Idea – Normally, on valentine’s day there’s always some type of candy given to someone you love. I saw this cute idea using a mason jar and putting some type of candy in it. You can decorate it in anyway you want..even personal it for the person your giving it too. I think I may actually do this.

Food & Treats – I didn’t really think too much about food for Valentines day but then I thought well..some might do parties at home or school. I found this pin for valentine marshmallow pops. These seem easy to can dip them in any kind of chocolate, and decorate with anything I think.

Valentine Card – For those of you that have kids, I found this cool valentine’s day card. It will take a little bit of work to make, but it’s cool. Wish I did this back when I was younger, haha. It’s a bubblegum valentine card. You cut out a heart, place the bubblegum balls on it, cover with plastic and glue the outer piece of the heart on. It doesn’t seem to difficult but children would need some help to make.

Decor – I personally don’t decorate for valentine’s day but some do! This pin I found you could easily make for year-round decor can even change the colors. They are canvas heart wall decor. The one that I really liked was the pom-pom one. All you need is a canvas, pom-poms, and hot glue. For the other’s you need a little more but they are all cute.

Extra Candy Wreath – As I’ve mentioned in posts before, I enjoy making wreaths and I found how to make a candy wreath for valentines day! I would love to make this. It also doesn’t seem to hard but I just had to share.

I hope I was able to give a few ideas to you all for Valentine’s I said I found all of these on Pinterest and I may try a few.

Chat later!

  • Liz

Thanksgiving Pinterest Finds!

Hey guys! Since I shared some Fall ideas that I found on Pinterest I thought why not share some Thanksgiving ones? So I went on the hunt and found a bunch!

Turkey – So I found this pin that has a picture that explains how to cook a turkey, make gravy from the fat and how to carve it! My number one thing is make sure you thaw it for the right amount of hours! 24 hours for every 4-5lbs. Here’s the link.

Thanksgiving Dessert – Who doesn’t like rice krispies? I found a pin that shows you how to make them shaped & look like turkey legs! The one thing I would do that the pin doesn’t, is try to dye the rice krispies brown to look crispy. Here’s the link.

Thanksgiving Decoration – I found this easy & simple looking diy candle holder idea! You take a glass a candle inside..fill the cylinder halfway with popcorn kernels. Last but not least tie a bow with straw. I love this..if you were to do a medium one and two smaller ones, it would look great as a table centerpiece I think! Here’s the link.

Thanksgiving Craft – Have kids coming over and what to keep them occupied while waiting for dinner? I found this pin to make pinecone turkey’s. It looks like all you need is pinecones, craft feathers, google eyes, and felt to make a nose. These are just so simple and cute! Here’s the link.

Quote – I couldn’t make a pinterest post without adding a quote. I found this quote especially for Thanksgiving. Always be thankful for the things you have..not just on Thanksgiving but every day of your life! Here’s the link.

Fall Pinterest Finds

Hi guys! I mentioned in an update post awhile back about adding pinterest into my blog posts. I decided I might do for just the seasons or I might make it a monthly thing. This one is related to Fall though. I picked out a few pins that caught my eye, each are from different categories. Let’s start!

Fall Dessert: S’more Cookies – This originally came from from JAMIELYN. It caught my eye because to me, it’s a fall treat. I can’t have a lot of fall desserts because of spices or pumpkin so this I can have! Campfires are apart of Fall and s’mores go with. I can’t wait to try them. Here’s the link..

Fall DIY Craft: DIY Leaf Bowl – This originally came from from Morena. Leaves are starting to fall here and I always like to make a craft out of them. It looks so cool and neat that I want to try it myself. It seems easy to make and perfect for fall & thanksgiving! Here’s the link..

Fall Nail Art: Scarecrow Mani – This originally came from nailsbymelissasmi. I have a hard time coming up with fall nail art and a scarecrow never seemed easy..but the patches she did caught my eye. The whole mani looks amazing and it something I’m inspired by! Here’s the link..

Halloween: Pumpkin Carving – This originally came from Since we still have a little time before Halloween night, I thought I share a pumpkin carving pin I found. I always have trouble carving my pumpkin because I’m not handy with a knife or the tools you can buy. In this pin, they show you how to carve a pumpkin with a drill! Why didn’t I ever think of that? You could come up with different patterns which adds a uniqueness to your pumpkin. Here’s the link..

Quote: I’m always looking for different quotes to remember or quotes to share with others. This one originally came from It says “throw kindness around like confetti”..there’s so much negativity around lately and it just sad. I try each day to say something kind to someone or do something kind for someone…it won’t hurt. Here’s the link..

I hope you all like the pins that I discovered and maybe try one!

Chat later!

  • Liz