Sinful Colors Pastel Neon Collection

Hey guys! I’m pretty excited about this post and couldn’t wait to tell you about what I found. I’ve been checking Instagram quite a lot lately, waiting for new limited edition collections to come out from Sinful Colors. I saw a few posts about pastel colors but never found them in my local stores until this past week. I grabbed the four, I loved from first sight (haha)..there’s I believe 5 or 6 total in the collection. They are suppose to be pastel neons with a matte finish. I’ve been really liking matte and pastel colors lately it’s a match.


First one is Make A Scene! It’s slight bit darker than a bubblegum pink I think but still pastel and bright. I wouldn’t consider a super girly pink..but something everyone may like.

Second one is Lilac Out Loud! This is the first one I seen from a’s such a pretty purple. I’m horrible at describing colors, I’m trying. It may shift to a pink in certain lights but not sure till I give it a shot.

Acid Test is the third one (4th in the picture)..and I love greens especially this green. It’s not something I would typically run to, I’m more towards the minty greens but I couldn’t let this go. It’s a green with yellow hues.

Last but not least is Under The Inbluence (3rd in the picture)..I can’t walk away from blues either. This one reminds me of Candy Hearts another polish from a collection that I’ve shared a million times. It’s a baby blue shade..very pretty also!

If you know me, I’ll probably go grab the others from this collection just so I have them in my hands. Are you interested in any of these colors?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Spring Polishes – Sinful Colors, Essie, Nicole by OPI

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s Spring? I totally cannot. The weather has been so wacky..we’ve had thunderstorms, tons of rain and just super gloomy weather, ugh. Anyway, since it’s now Spring I thought it would share a few polishes that I plan on using this Spring.


First for pinks is Sinful Colors Strawberry Milk..this was part of the Kandee Johnson collection. It’s a very pale pink but has enough hue to tell it’s pink. It does dry matte unless you use shiny top coat. Next is Cute as a Button by Essie, this is just a simple pretty coral.


For purples, my first one is Lie-Lac by Sinful Colors. I haven’t owned this one for too long but it’s so spring-y to me..even the name is. The color is a light lilac. Playdate by Essie is a darker lilac in my opinion that works get for the spring season also.


Candy Hearts by Sinful also part of the KJ prefect for spring! I truly cannot wait to do an Easter mani using this. It’s such pretty close to robin egg blue. It’s also matte but a shine coat with take that away. Mint Candy Apple by Essie is another pretty blue spring polish. It has hues of blue and mint green, it’s a really pretty pastel.


Another new polish to me that I’m going to use this spring is Mint Chip by Sinful Colors..yes and it’s part of the KJ collection. It’s such a pretty medium mint green..ahh! I would use it all the time..I should have picked up another for back up. I was kinda on the fence of including I Shop Mintage by Nicole by OPI..but here it is. I don’t use this polish much at all but I’m going to try and do a mani with it this Spring.


Last one..I really would have liked to include a yellow polish but I don’t any pastel yellow..or really any yellows. They just don’t go with my skin tone..but I though I would include a pastel orange! It’s V.I.Peach by Sinful Colors..part of the Kylie Jenner collection. It’s a pale peachy color with gold shimmer.

Those are most the polishes I’m going to try and include in a few spring manis soon! What’s one of your favorite polishes that you love for Spring?

Chat later!

  • Liz

Nail Polish Haul – Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Collaboration

Hey guys! I finally was able to get my hands on some polishes from the Kandee Johnson line that Sinful Colors came out exciting. I found them at my local Meijer on clearance for .99 cents..such a deal! I’m guessing that your not going to be able to find many more so if you find them grab them. I saw on the website that there’s 2 different collections, Vintage Inspired & Urban Glam..7 in one and 12 in the other. I got 6 out of 7 in the first collection. Let’s go!


Candy Hearts – This color reminds me so much of blue cotton candy. It’s a plain pastel light blue which will be perfect for Spring & Easter manis. All the polishes are vintage matte..which is great because I’ve been loving matte nails lately.

Kanfetti – I bought this because I thought it would pair great with candy hearts. It’s a mash of white, pastel green, and blue different sized micro glitters.

Mint Chip – I couldn’t just not buy this because I love mint green..and the name is my favorite ice cream. It’s a pastel green with a little darker hue than normal also seems to have a gold shimmer in the light.


Pin Up Pink – I couldn’t forgot pink! This is just a simple pink is darker than a normal pink but I like it.

Strawberry Milk – I’m currently wearing this color right now & I love it. It’s a pretty light pastel pink..or baby pink. Reminds me so much of Spring & Easter..I wish it would hurry up. I like the name also but I can’t have strawberries or pure milk, haha.

Pink Velvet – At first when I arrived home I thought I bought to of the same polishes..but after swatching them I discover there was a difference. This one has a fine gold glitter in it which also leaves a texture to the polish once it’s dry. This one is also a tiny bit darker than Pin Up Pink.

Which ones were you able to get your hands on?

Chat later!

  • Liz