Week 13: Animal Print – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! We are on week 13 of the #31DC2017Weekly manicure challenge…I’m glad I was able to catch up and now have time to do some other manicures on the side too. This weeks theme was Animal Print..which was perfect to practice my stamping abilities again. One of the plates I have has 2 zebra prints, so that’s my print of choice.

For the weeks manicure, I tried out a new polish, it’s by Orly..from their breathable line that recently came out not too long ago I believe. I’ve been meaning purchase one but put it off until I saw a color I couldn’t resist. The name is Beauty Essential, which I don’t typical run to reds but this one is different. It’s more of a brighter red-orange and it’s a nice pop of color. Plus, summer is coming or should I say here as it almost hit 90 degrees today. Anyhow, I love the way this polish looks & applied. You aren’t suppose to use a base coat or top coat because it’s an all in one deal..and suppose to be a treatment too.

I can say that it has been 3 days and there’s very minimal chipping, just one little one from me trying to open something with my nail. They hold up good for the most part without adding a top coat, I’m impressed.

To finish this off, I took my Pueen Party Lover stamping plate and stamped the zebra print on my middle & ring fingers. I used the white stamping polish by Pueen as well. For my second time trying to stamp I think I did a million times better than before! I learned that I need to roll the stamp on, not just smash it down onto the nail. The only mess up on this manicure was I applied the top coat to quickly and the polish smeared on one nails, bummer! I need to learn patience, lol.

What’s your thoughts on this manicure?

Chat later!

  • Liz

2 thoughts on “Week 13: Animal Print – #31DC2017Weekly

  1. Looks great! I didn’t even notice the smearing until I read about it 🙂 I find that “floating” top coat helps it not smear, but there are just some that do regardless. One of my go-to top coats for stamping is NYC Grand Central Station. Doesn’t hurt that it’s cheap and quick-drying too!

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