Mini Nail Polish Haul…

Hi guys! I picked up a couple new polishes I saw and something I’ve been searching for, forever and I thought I’d share them with you.

The item I’m really happy I finally found is a latex tape that you can apply around your cuticles when your doing water-marbling or stamping which is something I hope to try soon. The one I found is by claims that it’s mess free latex tape. You can brush it on, apply your polish, and peel it away! I’m so happy to have finally found it..I purchased my at Walmart for around $5 I believe.

I grabbed 2 Sinful Colors polishes…first is YOLO Yellow. I’ve never really worn yellow just that color that doesn’t speak to me or look great in my opinion. For some reason this color stuck out to me. It’s not too bright or too pale, I think it will work for me and my skin-tone. The other color I grabbed was Taupe is Dope! The color is interesting, it’s a light brown but has sorta a gray plum tone. It called to me. I think it will be a great fall color but I’m definitely going to try it sooner than that.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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