Sinful Colors Neon Polishes

Hey guys! Today’s post I’m sharing a few of the neon polishes I picked up at my local Meijer’s. I just can’t keep my eyes off new collections!

One thing I’m going to say before I get into the colors I bought is, make sure you buy the Illuminating polish called ‘White On Time’! I didn’t buy first and I tried one of the polishes and it was not neon…then I figured out you needed this. It’s just a plain white to me so maybe just any regular white polish would work but I haven’t tried that yet. This does apply pretty thick so you want to make sure you wipe your brush off a few times before applying.


First color I bought was ‘Out In Space’. This color caught me right away. I used to have a bright neon yellow but I ended up throwing it out. This is so bright and fluorescent. I just shared a post of a manicure using can check it out here. These polishes are more of a jelly type they aren’t very opaque so you definitely need the base polish.  I really love how this looks though.

Second color I grabbed was ‘Diamond Blogs’. They were a 2 other pinks besides this one I believe but I liked the darker tone that this one has. I haven’t tried this yet but I think it will have the same constancy and opaque-ness that the yellow had. The bottles have a plastic wrapping around them so you can’t see the true color on the outside but from the brush I can tell it has some fluorescent to it.

Last color I picked up was ‘Jean Queen’. I always have to grab at least a blue or green from a new this was it. It looks like a shade of cyan blue in the bottle. Just like the’s a jelly constancy so you won’t know the true color until you use the white base.

Overall, since I used the yellow polish I have high hopes that the pink & blue have a bright, vibrant neon look to them! I will inform you all when I use them.

Have you picked any up? Chat later!

  • Liz

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