Another…Nail Polish Haul.

Hey guys! Today’s post..hint the another nail polish haul. Everytime I stopped into Walmart, they stare at me saying buy me, buy me! Of course I can’t resist but I think this may be it for a little while. I want to give more love to the ones I own before buying more. Anyway, let’s get into the polishes I bought. They are all by Sinful Colors..shocker right?


Flip Tease – I believe I’ve mentioned this before but I love mint greens, so I saw this and had to have it. It’s part of the Kandee Johnson collection. When you place it in the light, you see shimmers of pink & gold. Very pretty.

Blueberry Hot Rod – I first seen this on the website and went searching..I didn’t find it until my 2nd trip to Walgreens. I thought it was more of a solid polish with shimmer but it’s mainly a thin blue polish with shimmer, so you have to build it up. It has shimmers of blue & purple. It will be very glittery & bling-y! Also part of KJ collection.

Super Cooper – I have never owned an army or olive green polish before & I don’t know why! This is part of the Stoned Crystal collection. It’s sorta like an army green with glitter flakes to make the crystal effect. I have a post coming up soon about this polish. I’m glad I grabbed it.

Quick Dry – I mentioned in my last polish haul that I messed up and brought the top shine instead of the nail hardener..when I went back they did not have one in. So I grabbed the Quick Dry Top Coat…I have already used this and I LOVE far I haven’t messed up a manicure yet…fingers crossed it stays that way.

That’s all for this post. Have you used any of these polishes I got? How are they?

Chat later!

  • Liz

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