Week 1 – Red Nails – #31DC2017Weekly

Hey guys! I decided this past week that I’m going to give the #31DCWeekly challenge a shot..I do not know too much about it but there’s weekly mani prompts you can do. I am a few weeks behind but catching up should be no issue for me. I was inspired to try it by a fellow blogger, who writes AlterControlDelight! Thank you so much! So let’s get on with the mani.


Red nails can be a little tricky. I don’t normally lean to reds a lot but I did some thinking and came up with something that’s simple but yet sorta classic.

I used Folly by Sinful Colors on my thumbs, indexes & pinkies. It’s just a simple red, not too dark.

Next I used French White Creme by Wet n Wild, and painted my middle & ring nails. I took my largest dotting tools and made polka-dots using Black Creme by Wet n Wild also.

This manicure is just so classical to me, does it feel the same to you? The next prompt is orange nails..hmm, got to get thinking again!

Chat later!

  • Liz

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