Nails #49 – Sinful Colors Deep End

Hi guys! I just couldn’t wait any longer to try one of the polishes I recently shared in a haul post..they were all so pretty it was hard to choose which first, haha.

I choose Sinful Color Deep the bottle it looks to be a blue with purple tones (periwinkle) and an aqua shimmer. After I applied it you can totally see the shimmer! It’s so pretty in person. It applied very only need 2 coats but if you apply thicker coats you could probably get away with one.


Every time I looked at my nails, they reminded me of the metallic press on nails that I used to play with in the little girl nail kits. Oh those were the days, haha.

I believe this is part of their permanent collections but I only found it at Walgreens.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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