Book Review: Memoirs

Hi guys! Today’s post is going to be a little different than my typical book review..I’ve read 2 non-fiction or memoirs this past week or so and thought I would share my opinion but not really a ‘review’ on them.

  1. Raising a Soul Surfer by Cheri Hamilton & Rick Bundschuh: I love the movie Soul Surfer which is about Bethany Hamiltion. She is such an inspiration to me, being that we are sort of in the same boat. I was not attacked by a shark but I did have scoliosis surgery which limits me on what I can/cannot do..sort of similar to Bethany’s story. Anyhow, she is inspires me. I saw this book which was written by her mother and I had to read it. It’s basically a story that tells how Cheri (her mom) met her dad Tom, and all the struggles they went through in life and how God had helped them..and then she shared about the shark God helped strengthen them and get through. It was great book, very inspiring. We should never let our troubles outweigh us but sometimes we do.
  2. Happy Happy Happy by Phil Robertson & Mark Schlabach: I used to be a big fan of the tv show Duck Dynasty..I really got into because they are a really close knit family and have strong Christian beliefs. I’m trying to work on being a positive person and turn to God when things get rough. This book really inspired me also. I didn’t realize Phil and Kay had such a rocky relationship/marriage at first but it shows that when you work through your troubles and turn to God things will get better. Reading this also helped me realize that I want to re-explore the bible and re-connect with my past Christian beliefs.

These two books were amazing and so inspirational! I highly recommend them if you need a pick me up to show you that things may get rough but we can always work through them and grow with God’s help.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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