Drugstore & High-end Nail Polish Dupes

Hey guys! I recently was taking a look at my nail polish collection and noticed that I own so many bottles of the same color. It got me thinking to do a post to show drugstore or cheaper polishes that are basically the same as a high-end one. Who loves to save money? I do! I have a huge list, so let’s get going.

Real quick: SF – Sinful Colors, SHID – Sally Hansen Insta Dri, E – Essie, SHC – Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, NBO – Nicole by OPI, O – Orly

SF Endless Blue – SHID In Prompt Blue: The only difference is SHID has a more purply hue when dry.img_0735

SF Boom Boom – E Secret Story: Difference is that boom boom is slightly darker.img_0736

SHC Grape Gatsby – E Play Date: Difference is play date is slightly darker.img_0737

SF Pink of Me – E Cute as a Button: Difference is cute as a button is a little darker.img_0739

SF Island Coral – E Lounge Lover: Barely a difference.img_0741

SF Casablanca – E No Place Like Chrome: Barley a difference.img_0743-2

SF Gold Medal – E Good as Gold: Difference is gold medal is a little more bronze.img_0744

SF Marvelous – E Smokin’ Hot: No difference.img_0745

SF Get It On – SHC Ruby Do: Basically the same.img_0746

SF Folly – E Watermelon: Difference is watermelon is slightly darker.img_0747

SF Sail La Vie – E Bikini So Teeny: Difference is sail la vie is darker.img_0748

SHID Navy Fleet – NBO This Blue is So You: Difference is navy fleet is has more of a blue/green hue.img_0749

SF Dream On – O Scenic Route: Barley a difference.img_0750

SHID Slick Slate – E Chinchilly: Difference is slick slate is slightly darker.img_0751

Well those are all the dupes that I could find in my personal collection. I own a ton of sinful colors polishes so that is why most are dupes for those.

Chat later!

  • Liz



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