Nails #43 – Sinful Colors & Pure Ice

Hi guys! I’m back with another mani look. I tried something new, never tried before that I know of.

For my base color, I used Cheshire China by Sinful Colors. It’s from their porcelain matte collection..this one of my favorites. Just a light lavender, perfect for spring..which I hope is coming soon. Next, I wanted to try doing a half moon on the bottom of my nails. I used these stickers that are suppose to help you do a french manicure, I’m not sure where I got them or what brand they are. You could also use hole re-enforcer stickers too. I placed one at the bottom of each nail, trying to get the same amount of nail to show but it didn’t quite work that way. I used It’s All A Bluer from Pure Ice for the half moon. It’s such a pretty purple that gives off a blue shimmer at times.

Overall, I like the design. I did end up nicking my pinky nail and goofed it up 😦


This manicure wasn’t very challenging though due to using the could try and do it without the sticker but you wouldn’t get a clean line.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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