Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Hi guys! Today’s post is a little exciting, I finally got ahead of the game came up with a few designs to try for Valentine’s day. I’m going to share the polishes I used & how I made the look. Let’s go.

  1. Thumb – Simple heart outlined in pink. The base color is Petal Pushes by Essie..just a simple gray that I love. I used French White Creme by Wet n Wild for the heart. I took a large dotting tool to shape the heart and then filled it in. Lastly, I took my Kiss Nail Art Striper in the color Beach Pink and outlined the heart. I also added 2 pink lines.
  2. Index  – I remembered that I had a polish from Sinful Colors called Flower Power..which is a little pink base with pink and white glitter in it. Perfect for Valentines, I’m not sure if this is still in stores. This is just if you want something with color but simpler.
  3. Middle – I saw a bunch of ideas like this one on Pinterest but I always turned it away because it was too difficult, but since I’m getting better with nail art I gave it a whirl. I used Sinful Colors Pink of Me for my base. Next I used Kiss Nail Art Paint Stripers in the colors Soft Purple & Black..purple to drawn the tic,tac,toe lines and then black to make the x’s. I used a small dotting tool and French White Creme again to make the hearts.
  4. Ring – Can’t go wrong with polka-dots right? I used French White Creme for my base color. Then I took Sinful Colors Pink of Me & Folly..along with Sally Hansen’s Grape Gatsby and a large dotting tool. Just dot around, overlapping is totally okay.
  5. Pinky – My pinky nail is I had to come up with something a simple for it as well. I took Folly and used it as my base color. Next, I mixed two different glitters, Sinful Colors Decadent & Maybelline Precious Pearls. I used a cosmetic wedge to place the glitter. It didn’t work as well as I hoped..mainly made a pile but still looks okay.

Those are all my different Valentine’s Day Nail looks for now..I may make a few more but not sure. Which is your favorite?

Chat later!

  • Liz

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