Nails #41 – DripDropNailPaint & Candied Apple Polish

Hey guys! Today I’m going to share another nail look with you and this time there’s a little more to it, so let’s go.

My base color is by DripDropNailPaint in the color Below Zero. It’s such a pretty blue with a purple glitter shimmer when in the light. I love this brand because the polishes are handmade, one day I would like to only use handmade polishes but probably not for a while. img_0982

The glitter polish that you see on my index & middle nails are Marshmallow World by Candied Apple Polish, also indie! This is mainly full of varies winter color glitters and includes snowflakes..unfortunately I didn’t put any on this mani.

Next, I used a mystery polish from DripDropNailPaint, it’s from a Christmas grab bag. It’s such a shimmery silver I just swiped it down the middle.

I added a little bling with some silver, light blue, and dark blue gems! Then I applied a top coat and wa-la!

Chat later!

  • Liz



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