Nail Polish Collection: Part 1 – Sinful Colors

Hi guys! I finally decided to share my whole nail polish collection with you! I’m going to do multiple posts/parts otherwise it would be a long post. I have way too much and I’ve decluttered once but need to do it again soon. Anyhow, I’m going to start with Sinful Colors..let’s go!

Pinks & Reds:

starfish- pale pink

island coral- plain coral

flower power- light pink with different pink and white glitters

pink glitter – pink jelly with multicolored micro glitters

boom boom- fuchsia pink

koral riff (KJC)- darker coral

cream pink- pink that has a gold/orange shimmer

sunburnt- red orange

peace to pink (LF)- pink jelly polish with different glitter fragments

krop top (KJC)- reddish/pink with texture

folly- pinkish red

fuchsia u! (KJC)- darker fuchsia

get it on- darker red

gogo girl- true red

Yellows & Oranges

img_0440unicorn- pale yellow

pullover – golden yellow

v.i.peach (KJC)- pale orange with shimmer


purple diamond- light purple with shimmer

dream on- neon purple

magik touch (KJC)- light purple

cheshire china (Porcelain)- light pastel purple

kurtsey (KJC)- purple gray with gold shimmer

silhouette (KJC)- light lilac purple with gold shimmer

kommotion (KJC)- dark purple/blue with gold shimmer

let’s talk – dark royal purple


wondermint- light mint blue

cinderella- light blue with pink shimmer

sail la vie- sky blueish

kurtain kall (KJC)- blue with gold shimmer

kolbalt (KJC)- dark blue with texture

ice blue- shimmery blue purple

hottie- jelly blue with glitter

endless blue- bright cobalt blue

tear it up (LF)- jelly royal blue with glitter fragments

cold leather- dark navy blue


img_0601kool as a kukumber (KJC) – light green with gold shimmer

happy ending – yellow green with gold shimmer

strapped – dark teal green

rise and shine – dark aqua with fine teal glitter

green ocean – bright green jelly with multicolored fine glitters

nail junkie – dark teal jelly with multicolored glitters


img_0591mauvelous – darker brown purple

i Klove u (KJC) – darker brown red

Silver & Golds

img_0932gold medal – shiny gold

casablanca – shiny silver

after dark – dark gray with texture

silver slivers (LF) – gray jelly with glitter fragments


karats of kargo (KJC) – micro gold glitters

twilight twinkles – gold glitter fragments

queen of beauty – micro silver glitters

decadent – red glitters

feeling lucky – lime green, dark green glitters with clovers

cauldron couture – black and green glitters

splatter spill – black and orange glitters

deja boo – gray jelly with black and ghost glitters

santa claus – pink, red, white, gold glitters

sleigh my name – cream jelly with gold and cream glitters and white stars

that’s elfed up – green, red, and white glitters


Sorry that it’s so long but that is my entire Sinful Colors collection! Next, will be OPI!

Chat later!

  • Liz

LF – Luxe Fragments Limited Edition

KJC – Kylie Jenner Collection

Porcelain – Limited Edition Porcelain Matte


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