Nails #34 & #35 using Silver Slivers & Folly

Hi guys! In this post I’m going to include two different mani’s I wore over the past week!

I finally got around to using my other Limited Edition Luxe Fragments by Sinful Colors. 

This one is in the color “Silver Slivers”. In my opinion, it’s a great metallic polish with glitter fragments..very shiny. The first coat was a little thin and I thought it may need 3 coats but it built up well on the 2nd coat, and that was all I did.


I really like this color even though I don’t really like super dark grays or blacks and this is close to it..I may be warming up to them, haha. The one dislike I have is one nail started chipping within a couple may have been the top coat though.

For my second mani I wanted share my favorite red with you all! I didn’t do any nail art I just went with a plain and simple mani. The color I used is Folly from Sinful Colors. In the picture it comes across a little brighter than what it is in person. I need to get better with lighting but the days have been so cloudy with no sun..praying for sun!


Overall, I love this color and it worked perfect for the Christmas time. I could have done some nail art in a peppermint theme but I didn’t.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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