Favorite Nail Polishes of the 2016! – Essie, Sinful Colors, Orly etc.

Hey guys! I was brainstorming some ideas for posts recently and I came up with sharing my favorite nail polishes I liked/used the most this past year.

BLUES/TEALS – img_0328

  • Sinful Colors Sail La Vie – I’ve used half of this color and it’s such a pretty in between light blue and blue!
  • Sinful Colors (Kylie Jenner Collection) Kurtain Kall- This just came out a few months ago but I’m including it in my favorites because I used it week after week almost..i couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend!
  • Sinful Colors Wondermint – I’ve had this one forever and just recently started to like it again..but I love it and have been using it with a few christmas/winter manis!
  • Essie’s In The Cabana – I need to get a new one because I’ve used this color so much this year! It’s such a pretty teal..has to be my favorite one for now..but I’m slowly stirring away from Essie because of price. Trying to go a little cheaper since I own so many polishes.

PURPLES/PINKS – img_0332

  • Orly Scenic Route – I used this polish this mostly in the summer but it’s a pretty purple and it also is a bit neon like.
  • Sinful Colors (LE Porcelain Matte) Cheshire China – I love this color so much. I haven’t wore it much lately because I can’t seem to find another or any others in the porcelain matte collection!! Ugh!
  • Sinful Colors Cream Pink – As you can tell this one also is half gone..this is one of my go-tos when I don’t know what to choose.

BROWNS – img_0326

  • Sinful Colors (Kylie Jenner Collection) Silhouette – This one also just came out a few months ago but I loved it during the fall. It’s such a deep copper red brown color.



  • Wet N Wild’s Black Creme & French White Creme – This work so good for doing nail art with dotting tools! They are my favorites!
  • Sinful Colors Casablanca & Gold Medal – I use these a lot for nail art also when doing an accent nail.
  • Wet N Wild’s Kaleidoscope – I love these glitter overcoat because the glitter’s reflect multiple colors hint the name.


Well, those are most of my favorite nail polishes that I’ve used the past year! Can you believe it’s already almost 2017? Crazy!

  • Liz



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