Book Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Hi guys! Today’s post is going to be a book review as the title says above. I am not the best reviewer but I’m going to try and include some every month or so when I finish a book.


So, Eleanor & Park. Eleanor is an isolated teen. She recently moved back in with her mom, along with 3 siblings (I think) and her mom’s alcoholic boyfriend Richie. She literally cannot do anything wrong or Richie flips and her mom can’t really have a say.

When Eleanor starts school, she meets Park who I think has had a secret crush on her the second he saw here. They ended up getting to know each other a little more everyday on the bus but then Eleanor kind of slipped away the more they knew about each other. I think it was mainly because she didn’t want Park to find out about her home life. Park wanted get to know her more and figure her out. Eleanor couldn’t let Richie find out that she was talking with a boy or she was dead meat.

She ended up coming up with an idea to lie and say she was going to a girlfriends house when the truth was she was going to Park’s. It took her a while to trust Park’s parents even though they didn’t mean any harm..they just wanted to get to know her more..but she felt they would turn against her the second they learned about her home life.

Once she got past that fear, her and Park got real close. Too close, because Richie found out and she had to escape. She ended up going and living with her uncle..and Rainbow Rowell, left us hanging!

Overall, this was a great book! It’s not an intense love story but definitely getting’s your heart at times. I love how Rainbow Rowell wrote this and I’m going to look around for her other books.

Chat later!

  • Liz



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