DIY Christmas Door

Hi guys! So this is just a little random Christmas DIY for your front door! It didn’t turn out exactly how I pictured it to be but I may add or change a few things..not sure. Anyhow, I thought I would share.

You will need:

  • Ornaments..i only needed 7 but in the picture there’s 8
  • Wide Ribbon..i used ribbon that was 2.5 inches wide
  • Thin the picture there is thin red ribbon but i didn’t have enough so i switched to white img_0840
  • Hot Glue..yes i hot glued on my door. you could probably use tape or something else.
  • Tape measure how long you need the ribbon


To start, I cut 2 that was 60 inches long and one that was 24 inches long. Then I glued the longest one vertically on the door..then I glued the shorter one horizontally across the longest..hope I explained it okay. I also made a bow and glued it but placed it in the wrong spot and the glue had already dried so..whoops!



Next for the ornaments..I attached ribbon to each ornament..the green ones are 18 inches long and the red ones are 12 inches long. Then I just simply glued them on the door.


This was another simply Christmas DIY & I hope you enjoyed it!




Chat later!

  • Liz

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