DIY Christmas Pinecones

Hey guys! This month I am going to share a ton of DIY’s for the Christmas and here I am with the first one.

You will need: 

  • Paint..i used gold & silver acrylic paint from the craft store. img_0178
  • Plastic Wrap..or something to set the pinecones on to dry
  • Pinecones..i had roughly 15 pinecones or something like that..just however many you want
  • Cotton Balls
  • Paper Plate..for paint or a paint tray thing



This was really easy to do. You just dab the cotton ball in your paint and pat it on each pinecone. I just did the edges so the silver looked like just looked the way I hoped. img_0183

I let mine dry for a few hours and then I piled them in a random vase I had. I may look for adifferent one at the store but for now this one will work. I also tied some ribbon around it just to add more color.








And that’s all! I hope you all enjoyed this post! Chat later!

  • Liz

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