Nails #29 – Sinful Colors Silhouette & Gold Medal

Hey guys! I’m back with another mani post! With this one, I wanted to do some nail art so it’s a little more interesting.

For all my nails but my ring, I used Sinful Colors ‘Kylie Jenner Collection’ Silhouette as the base color. For my ring finger, I used Sinful Colors Gold Medal.

For the next step, I just shaded in half of my nails (but ring finger) with Gold Medal. And did the same thing for my ring finger except with Silhouette.

Then I took a black nail striper and went over where the colors meet.

It’s not too difficult..and my half’s are not perfectly half but it doesn’t’s good enough, haha.

Here’s the final product:



Chat later!

  • Liz



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