Nails #28 – Sinful Color Rise & Shine & Nail Junkie

Hi guys! In today’s post I’m sharing a polish with you that I once hated but I’m trying to love it again..the reason I hated it was it was tuff to remove and it left bad color staining.

I used Sinful Colors Rise & Shine as a base color. This color is so pretty because it has a greenish-teal hue..mix of my favorite colors. It applies really well but it happens to chip a bit with me..and when removing it it stains except this time with a good base coat it didn’t! I’m happy.

I didn’t want to leave them plain so I grabbed a glitter overcoat that I don’t remember ever using. It’s Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, It has a teal tint but the glitter are fine and multicolored.

Here’s the final product:img_0830


This totally reminds me of mermaid skin!

Chat later!

  • Liz

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