Another Hobby.

Hi guys! I’ve mentioned in past posts about how I’m into making wreaths and one day hope to make it a business, I thought I would finally share a few with you! 

I got into making wreaths a year or so ago..I think I saw some on pinterest and just went crazy. It does take a lot of practice & time to make one, thank goodness I was gifted with patience.

  1. Burlap Wreaths. I struggled with this type the most. Trying to figure out how to get the burlap through each gape in a wire wreath was tricky. I made one where I folded the burlap in half, then pulled it through each gape. It worked but you want to make sure they are even or it will look a little funky. I normally just pull the burlap straight through the gapes though without folding. I could do a more in depth tutorial later on if anyone was interested. To do the gold burlap around it, I just pinched in the middle and tied it with twine around the crossbars on the wire wreath. img_3206
  2. Deco Mesh Wreaths. These ones are pretty easy except when adding accents and stuff. You get a work wreath, some already have twists on them or you add pipe cleaners yourself. I normally just do it myself. Then you tie the end of the mesh down in a twist. To make the poofs, you form a poof and then tie it down in the next twist…and so on until you get all the way around. Then you go around the outside then tie it off when done. Adding ribbon is east, you just add them in each twist. For some I’ve added ornaments and I just glue them with hot glue. For adding signs, at the moment I use fishing line.


I hope you enjoyed seeing what I love to do! To me, it’s relaxing as well but sometimes I can get angry if it doesn’t want to work right, haha.

Chat later!

  • Liz

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